6 Must-Have Saltwater Fishing Accessories

Investing in a few must-have saltwater fishing accessories can help to make your fishing experience more pleasant and successful. Without them, you could end up doing more work than you should, and you may end your day with little or no catch as a result. It's better to buy what you need, which is very different from what you may already have for freshwater fishing.

1 - Mesh Vest

These are best used in shallow waters for carrying some of your fishing lures and other small items. You don't need a tackle box with a vest, unless you're unable to minimize the amount of lures and other items that you need to take with you. It's a great alternative to a tackle box if you prefer to pack light.

2 - Spinning Reel

A good quality spinning reel is needed when you're saltwater fishing. A reel that is medium weight is great for saltwater environment and tops most saltwater fishing accessories lists. Some light-medium reels work great for certain types of fish, such as trout. Each state department of wildlife and fisheries publishes a fishing guide with recommendations for reels and weight, and you can use that as your guide for which to pick based on the types of fish available in your area.

3 - Small Pliers

Wrestling with a fish to get the hook out of its mouth can waste your time and energy.  Invest in a pair of small pliers and you won't have to face that hassle again. These can fit snug into your vest or throw them in your tackle box if you prefer to use that instead.

4 - Fillet Knife

You're going to need a sharp knife to fillet your catch. Investing in a good quality fillet knife is what you need to clean and gut your fish on the spot. Cheap ones don't keep a sharp edge when you're cleaning fish. You'll have to stop often to sharpen the knife which is more of a pain that it's worth. You may have to pay a little more for a quality fillet knife but it's one of those must-have salt water fishing accessories that pays dividends.

5 - Knife Sharpener

Even a good quality knife needs to be sharpened. You'll need a knife sharpener that's light enough to fit in your tackle box, and do a good job. There are good quality sharpening stones on the market, but it's best used if you have experience sharpening knives. Another option is to buy a sharpener with a handle, much like your standard kitchen knife sharpener.

6 - Rod and Reel Lubricant

Lubricating your reels and rods is important for fishing success. You have to choose one that's resistant to saltwater. Some lubricants won't last long in saltwater conditions, and they don't fight corrosion as well. Lubricants also keep your rods smooth, and can help it to function better.

Saltwater fishing accessories may cost you more, but the end result is a more effective fishing experience. Buying them during the off season helps to keep costs down.