6 Painted Backsplash Ideas

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If you are looking for painted backsplash ideas, you have come to the right place! Painting an existing backsplash or inserting a removable backsplash you have painted previously can be an economical and attractive way to spruce up your kitchen. In general, however, paint will be a less permanent look for your backsplash than plastic laminate or glazed tile and could cause problems for you in terms of cleaning. As long as you are aware of the potential downsides, here are a number of ideas for your new painted kitchen backsplash.

1. Solid Color

Obviously the most basic direction you could go in when thinking about painting your new or existing backsplash is a solid color. If you simply want to change the color of your kitchen or accessories a bit without going over the top, painting your backsplash in a solid color can be a great option for you, and it will leave you with the possibility of changing it easily in the future.

2. Stripes/Patterns

If you want to get a bit more creative with your backsplash, you could decorate your kitchen space with the addition of a pattern painted on your backsplash such as classic black and white stripes or a checkerboard design. If you want to take this a step further, you could use more vibrant colors. You could even match your backsplash to the season depending on color scheme and pattern.

3. Picture

colorful kitchen cabinet and wall

If you are at all artistic, you could attempt to paint an actual scene on your kitchen backsplash. This painting could be of a landscape, a kitchen theme or anything your imagination can think of. This option has the potential to look very attractive if left in the care of a competent artist.

4. Chalkboard Paint

Another fun and creative idea for a painted kitchen backsplash is to cover the surface with chalkboard paint. Chalkboard paint can be purchased in spray cans in both black and green colors. Once applied, chalk can be used to write on the surface and can be easily erased just like any other chalkboard. Once applied, you could use your new chalkboard backsplash to write recipes or menus for your guests or just for yourself.

5. Metallic Paint

If you desire the look of a metal backsplash, but do not want to take on the time and cost commitment of installation of metal sheeting, metallic paint may be a great solution for you. Metallic paint, usually available in gold, silver and bronze, will give your backsplash the appearance of metal without the associated headaches of installation. Plus, it will be much easier to change colors in the future if your tastes change.

6. Magnetic Paint

Similar to the chalkboard paint mentioned above, applying magnetic paint to your kitchen backsplash can be both an attractive option and will allow your backsplash to take on an additional level of functionality in the process. Once applied, magnetic paint will allow you to hang recipes or reminders by magnets so that you don't forget about them.