6 Pantry Ideas To Maximize Space

Kitchens are typically one of the smallest rooms in a house, and pantry space is generally limited. Here are some clever pantry ideas to help you gain the most out of what you have.

1. Store Smarter

You can free up valuable space by simply rearranging the items in your pantry. Store large boxes and bottles in the back of the pantry, and bring cans and smaller items to the front. The smaller items can be stacked, and you can see them more easily than if they are hidden behind a large bottle of something.

2. Baskets

Utilize baskets to store small items that won’t sit upright. If you have soup mixes, gravy mixes, packets of tea and other things, place these in a small basket in the corner of the pantry. You will always know where they are, and they won’t take up space just strewn all over the place.

3. Utilize The Door

The doors of your pantry can be wasted space. You can purchase small baskets and hangers to place on the inside of your doors. You can store smaller items, and cans in these. If you have small pantry doors, consider a hanging shoe organizer. These generally have plastic pouches and are more compact. It will still serve the same purpose. Since you’re placing them on the inside of the door they will remain invisible until you open the door.

4. Utensils

Instead of storing utensils in a drawer or pantry, free up that space by purchasing a caddie that can be set on the counter instead. You can generally find a nice spacious one for around $20 at most home goods stores. They are also available in a variety of styles and colors so you’re sure to find one that will blend with your décor.

5. Airtight Containers

Invest in some nice airtight containers for the staples you keep in your pantry. Things like rice, flour, sugar, coffee, tea, etc can all be stored in containers. Storing it in the container will not only prolong the freshness of the product, but it takes up less space. By removing the bulky packaging you will have more room in the pantry itself.

Often you can find containers that look more like art, and you may want to display them on the counter-tops, freeing up even more room.

6. Storage Aides

Purchase a double-decker lazy Susan and place it in a normally hard to reach corner. This more than doubles the space in that corner, makes it easier to reach items that you may have otherwise had difficulty with, and makes a cleaner looking pantry.

Utilize under shelf basket storage and other pantry aides you can purchase. If you store plastic bags in the pantry, consider a hanging bag dispenser that will hang on the back of a door knob.

These are easy ways to get the most out of the limited space that most of us have with our pantries.