6 Particle Board Care Tips

Particle board is an engineered wood product that is manufactured by combining waste wood material from saw mills and furniture factories. A resin is used to glue and hold together wood particles such as sawdust and wood shavings. Particle board is not particularly hardy or attractive. It is preferred for low cost construction projects. With adequate care, particle board can last long and have some appeal. Follow some of the maintenance and care tips listed below to make your particle board flooring or cabinets last.

Keep Moisture Away

Particle board is highly prone to damage from moisture. It is, therefore, almost never used outdoors. If you have particle board flooring, cabinets, or furniture, you must remember to never get it wet. When you clean particle board, make minimal use of water. If you do have to use water or other cleaners, rub it on in very small quantities and immediately wipe it off with a dry cloth. It is best to work in small patches that you can dry immediately, before the particle board has a chance to absorb moisture.

Ensure Proper Sealing

damaged particle board

All the sides and corners of particle board must be securely sealed with a moisture-proof sealant. If any side is left exposed, it will soon absorb moisture and start swelling or warping. Moisture absorption also causes discoloration of particle board. When you purchase particle board, inspect it and make sure that all sides are properly covered with sealant. Over time, if the sealant wears off, you must reapply it.

Never Wear Outdoor Footwear on Particle Board Flooring

Particle board flooring is not as tough as hardwood and other wood products. High heeled shoes or heavy outdoor footwear can exert a large amount of force on the flooring, thereby causing irreversible damage. Protect particle board flooring from heavy items by placing pads under furniture. Never drag heavy items on particle board flooring.

Ensure Adequate Support for Particle Board Cabinets

Particle board cabinets are quite popular and are used in many kitchens and bathrooms. If you plan to keep heavy items in your cabinets, you may be better off with more durable options. If you select particle board, you must ensure that the cabinets have proper support. Otherwise, they may sag and wear down under the weight.

Move Particle Board Furniture with Care

particle board cabinet

Particle board furniture is quite attractive if it has a veneer made of real wood. However, it does not have the same durability inside. If you plan to move large furniture made of particle board, you can minimize the chances of damage to the furniture if you dismantle it first and transport it piece by piece.

Use Nails and Fasteners Specifically Manufactured for Particle Board

Ordinary nails and screws are not compatible with particle board, as they will slowly cause the wood particles to disintegrate and fall apart. It is best to avoid situations where you have to replace fasteners or screws on particle board. If you have to, you must use only the fasteners specifically manufactured for particle board.