6 Reasons to Get an RV as a Second (or First) Home

An RV at a beach campsite with the ocean in the background.

Recreational vehicles (RVs) have been around for decades and they are now more popular than ever. Manufacturers are producing them in large numbers and large sizes. What used to be small towable trailers now come in a variety of options from small pods to 5th wheels to motorhomes. There are options to suit every need, desire, and budget. In fact, they are so easy to buy and maintain that you may want to consider getting an RV as a second (or first) home. Here are some advantages to owning an RV.

1. Flexibility

Having a home on wheels means that you can move any time you want. Not liking the weather where you are? Move to a warmer climate. Need to stay on a job site for an extended period of time? Set up camp and call it home for weeks or months. Between jobs and want to tour the country for a few months? Hook up the trailer and head out. The RV lifestyle, whether temporary or permanent, offers flexibility in a way that a traditional home can’t.

2. Guest Housing

A house surrounded by trees with an motor home in the driveway.

Your home might not be large enough to accommodate a crowd or allow for an empty bedroom in the case that you may have an overnight guest. However, when you have an RV, you always have a guest-ready accommodation. At a minimum, your RV will work as a spare bed when your nephew pops in. On a larger scale, you could camp out in your yard for a few days when the in-laws come and allow them to crash in your master suite. On the flip side, you can take your RV to visit friends and family without invading their entire house. With little more than a hose and an extension cord, you can bring your home with you and relieve some stress from your hosts.

3. Tax Write-Off

The IRS isn’t known for their generosity when it comes to, well, pretty much anything. But one advantage of owning an RV is that Uncle Sam allows you to write off on your taxes any loan interest paid for your RV. This falls under the category of a second home. Plus, you can write off any sales tax you paid for the purchase in most states. See more information here and be sure to check with your tax accountant regarding your specific situation.

4. Minimalistic Living

A woman cooking breakfast in an RV.

As much as you might try to simplify things in your home, you likely have many belongings that require time, money, and energy to maintain. With an RV, minimalism is the only option. With limited storage space, you have fewer items to care for and therefore more time to relax and be with family and friends. Because your RV home is much smaller than a foundation home, your maintenance requirements are also significantly less.

5. Save Money on Travel

Hotels and Airbnbs are convenient, however, it comes at a cost which can add up quickly. Even the most budget-friendly hotel typically runs around $120 per night. In contrast, reservations at the nearby campground average around $30 per night. This opens up a new world of options when it comes to your next vacation. Saving money on accommodations allows you to stay on vacation longer, spend more money on activities, and create possibilities where you had none before.

6. Freedom and Adventure

An RV on a road surrounded by lakes and evergreen trees.

RVs are a great way to escape daily life. They allow you the freedom to travel at your own pace and plan out your own adventure. You can pack up and move often, or make camp and hang out for an extended time. You can sell or rent your primary home and call your motorhome home base while you travel. Although owning an RV is a financial investment, it comes with many advantages.