6 Reasons to Use a Fertilizer Spreader

To have a consistently healthy lawn, it is necessary to use a fertilizer spreader that can provide consistent overlays, coverage and fertilizer amount. A fertilizer spreader will help you manage your lawn and garden efficiently and effectively. Here are 6 reasons you should use a fertilizer spreader:

Reason #1: Even Application

When not using a fertilizer spreader, it is easy to have uneven application of fertilizer. When this happens, under application leads to bare patches, while over application leads to a burning of the roots and clumps. Both of these problems are easily solved by using a fertilizer spreader.

Reason #2: Many Models for Your Needs

There are many types of fertilizer spreaders depending on your needs. It is easy to make a selection based on how much land you have and how often you will be using the fertilizer spreader. There are broadcast spreaders that are great for covering large areas of land, drop spreaders that work well on medium to small lawns and smaller handheld models that are ideal for small lawns.

Reason #3: Keep the Chemicals off Your Skin

Using alternative methods of fertilization, such as using a homemade applicator like a coffee can with holes, allows for the possibility of getting the fertilizer chemicals on your hands. You should not handle fertilizer with direct skin contact and using a fertilizer spreader is the best way to have accurate coverage while not having to handle the fertilizer directly.

Reason #4: Saves Time

Because a fertilizer spreader can be calibrated to accurately apply fertilizer at a rate that you choose, it saves a lot of time. You do not have to manually calculate or monitor application rates and the fertilizer spreader ensures that the fertilizer is applied at the correct rate with little or no effort. The fertilizer spreader makes it easy to apply the fertilizer evenly, quickly and efficiently across your entire lawn.

Reason #5: Multiple Uses

Not only can a fertilizer spreader be used for applying fertilizer, but it is also great to spread seed and to salt icy walkways in the winter. With the ability to change the calibration so that you can spread small or large amounts of seed or fertilizer as needed, this is a great tool that is versatile and very helpful to maintain your lawn and walkways.

Reason #6: Save Money

With the ever-increasing cost of fertilizer, it is necessary to take any cost-saving measures available to keep your maintenance costs low. By using a fertilizer spreader to more evenly apply fertilizer, you are saving money by not over applying. Make sure that your fertilizer spreader is properly calibrated so as to ensure that you are not over fertilizing and wasting this costly fertilizer.

Using a fertilizer spreader is a great way to improve the efficiency of your gardening and lawn maintenance operations. If you want to have a great lawn this year and decrease your time tending to it, a fertilizer spreader is a great investment.