6 Remodeling Ideas for the Budget-Conscious

Remodeling ideas for the budget conscious are actually quite numerous and easily done in your home. With a little creativity and ingenuity, you can remodel your home with little expense and with minimal inconveniences.

The first and probably the cheapest remodeling idea is paint. By simply giving a room a new coat of paint, you can give the room a whole new look. You can create contrast by painting one or two walls a different color. If you feel really daring, you could paint all four walls a different color! You could also paint walls different shades of the same color (for example, sky blue, teal, royal blue, and aquamarine). With a little patience, you can stencil a pattern just above the floorboards or just below the ceiling.

Rather than spring for brand-new cabinets in a bathroom or kitchen, look into refinishing or repainting the ones you have. Replace the knobs, door handles, and drawer pulls with new accents, which you can buy for just a few dollars at a hardware store. For an eclectic look, find your accents at a flea market; for a classic look, visit an antique shop.

Light Fixtures
Replacing your light fixtures is arguably one of the easiest ways to remodel a room. You can find or order a new fixture at most hardware stores. Again, for an eclectic look, search for your light fixture at a flea market; for a truly classic look, buy it from an antique shop. Many fixtures only require a few screws to secure them to a ceiling. Some fixtures, such as chandeliers, are a little more involved, but still not difficult.

Replace or Refresh the Appliances
If your appliances need to be replaced, use that opportunity as a remodeling idea. However, if your appliances are still in good condition, try ordering new door panels from the manufacturer. Many dishwasher panels are made with a different color on each side, so your remodel could be as simple as removing a couple of screws and flipping the panel over. If the panels on the appliance are removable, you could also remove the panels and spray-paint them a new color.

Refinish, Reupholster or Replace
If the furniture in your home is starting to look worn, consider refinishing wood furniture, reupholstering cloth coverings, or replacing furniture entirely. Before undertaking a refinishing or reupholstering project, compare that price with the price of replacing the furniture. It may be just as cost-efficient to replace the furniture.

Step Up Your Storage
It's not usually considered a remodeling idea, but old homes in particular are known for their lack of storage space. If you've spent years throwing items into a closet haphazardly, consider developing a new storage system. It may be as simple as a half-dozen plastic tubs to organize a closet, but you will be surprised at how much an organized storage system can improve your quality of life. You may also find that you are able to store more items, thus gaining floor space.