6 Shelving Ideas for Your Closet

Organization and compartmentalization are important, and they can be achieved by applying different shelving ideas to your closet. Shelves can be made from a variety of materials, and in different sizes, so as to fit the spaces available and to store as many items as possible. It is always crucial to plan in advance in order to create shelving systems which can utilize space effectively. Shelves within a closet can vary to best fit the space and best hold the various items. Sorting plays an important part here, and it should be carried out in relation to the frequency of use. Below are described a few shelving ideas you can build and use in your closets.

Hanging Shelves

A straightforward way of creating shelving is to make shelves from wooden planks of various sizes, and then attach them to the back of the closet. These types of shelves are ideal to store items which are relatively lightweight. The idea can also work with a combination of hanging shelves on the top part, and then a free area underneath them for storing large items.

Pigeon Hole Shelving

Pigeon hole shelving is ideal if you wish to store relatively small items of approximately similar sizes. Pigeon hole shelves can easily be built and installed within your closet. Obviously, you need to take into account the size of your closet and the size of the items you are storing, so as to decide how many pigeon hole shelves to build and what their respective sizes will be. The shelves are basically constructed in the form of cubes and you can either pile them up on top of each other or fix them together to form a single unit. They can also be labeled so as to enable you to find the items stored in them even more easily.

Adding Doors

Pigeon hole shelves can also be used in a slightly different manner, by fixing a front panel at each section. These panels form door that can be made to tilt upwards or downwards by means of hinges, or else they can have a small knob affixed at one side so as to open sideways. They are more orderly as you do not have to worry of having the items tumbling out of the shelving.

Modular Shelving

A bookcase usually is made up of a sequence of shelves of the same sizes, piled on top of each other inside of a frame. This shelving concept can also be applied in closets. Create a frame that fits within the closet space available and fill it with shelves. These shelves are ideal for storing folded clothes, quilts, pillows and several other items. Space shelves more widely at the base and closer at the top so bulkier items fit at the bottom and smaller items at the top.

Shoe Rack Shelving

You can also apply the concept of shoe racks as shelves in your closet. These are especially ideal for those smaller free areas, usually at the bottom of the closet. They can be built in such a way that the racks can tilt outwards.

Corner Shelving

You can use a corner shelving system, especially if you closet is particularly deep. Corner shelves can help you use up the furthest ends of the closet efficiently by sorting the items more visibly for you.