6 Spanish Style Interior Color Schemes

The Spanish style interior color schemes are similar to the appearances of their Mediterranean neighbors. The color scheme gives off a bold and colorful look. The colors radiate energy bringing a comforting feeling into the environment.

Fundamentals of Spanish Style

The interior design of the Spanish style accentuates a variety of palettes of blues, browns, whites, and greens. Other major colors of the Spanish style color themes are reds, oranges, and terracotta. Ceramics and stone are standard Spanish design along with pottery, decorative iron pieces, and carved wooden panels. Copper that makes metal accents are common in Spanish style.

Spanish Style Walls

To get the genuine look of a Spanish style wall, start with a textured base. A textured paint, such as suede effect, a stucco style plaster, or even a color wash will work. To make an excellent color wash, use a light base coat and a heavier shade for the top coat. Apply the top coat wash with irregular strokes. Adding white to the other colors will revitalize all of your colors. Stick with warm, earthy tones. Orange, red, tan and yellow are traditional Spanish color schemes.

Flooring and Furniture

For a precise Spanish design style, choose hardwood flooring instead of carpet. Dark brown hardwoods will pair nicely with the vibrant wall colors. Other popular Spanish style floorings are terracotta tiles and ceramic tiles. Choose an ethnic or rustic style rug in a vibrant color. This creates a warm environment atmosphere. Rustic furniture of a good quality and design gives a simple look. The dark woods are a popular pick in a worn and distressed finish.

Spanish Decorative Accessories

Black iron furniture is popular in Spanish style homes. The black furniture coordinates with the bolder colors of the room. Choose from different pieces such as a candle stick, chandelier, or a wall light. Adding a piece of wrought iron wall art will give a striking color for your room and give it a true Mediterranean feel. Spanish design is not in favor for curtains, but instead, brightly colored shutters or wooded Venetian blinds. Limit the accessories that you buy to avoid the cluttered look. To get the perfect look, your room should be simple.

Spanish Interior Design Themes

The mission style decorating is the most popular and a mix of Native American styles combined with Spanish styles. Popular colors of the Spanish colonial style include pink and purple mixed with white, yellows, beige, and reds. The mission style furniture is simple with a rustic look.

Spanish Revival Style

The Revival style is much more decorative. The style has more patterns with original pieces from Spain. The wood furniture is made from oak or pine with painted finishes and carvings. This is the period which led to the manufacture of lovely tiles which then lead to the designs of Spanish Catalina tiles. The tiles have unique textures that combine matte and gloss for a vibrant color pattern.