6 Steps to Installing Trailer Hitch Ball Mount

  • 2-6 hours
  • Beginner
  • 65-300
What You'll Need
Ball mount
Torque wrench
Drill and bits
Safety glasses

If you plan to tow your trailer, you'll need a trailer hitch ball. Installing the trailer hitch and ball can be completed in less than an hour, with the right instructions and tools. The hardest part of the trailer hitch and ball is choosing which one will work best for your vehicle. There are many options available and each depends on the the towing you plan to do. You will need to find the right hitch and ball mount, depending on your needs and specifications. Once you have it installed, you will be able to tow your trailer with ease.

Step 1 - Choose Your Hardware

Trailer hitches can be chosen by looking up the make and model of your vehicle. The stores that sell hitches will have the information you need readily available. Once you know what hitches are easily compatible with your vehicle, you can choose by the weight capacity and other specifications. The ball mount is chosen based on the same criteria.

Step 2 - Safety

If you can't fit comfortably under your vehicle you will need to jack it up. Make sure you use supports so that the vehicle does not fall on you. Also, make sure to wear safety goggles while drilling. When you get under the vehicle, make sure there are no wires in the area where you will be drilling. If there are, disconnect them before beginning work.

Step 3 -Remove Spare

For most trucks you will need to remove the spare tire before installing a hitch. The spare tire is usually located at the back end of the truck under the body. Most trucks come with a kit to remove the spare tire. You will also need to clean the dirt or mud off the bottom back frame of the vehicle.

Step 4 - Place Hitch

Some vehicles already have holes drilled in the frame for after market hitch installation. If you bought the hitch specified for your particular vehicle, the packaging should indicate if drilling is required. In order to drill the holes, first find the frame and decide where to install the hitch. Hold the hitch up to the frame and mark where the holes will be drilled on the frame. You will also need to mark the receiver holes. The receiver tube on the end of the hitch should be placed so the end of the square meets the end of the vehicle.

Step 5 - Drill Holes and Attach

Drill the holes on the frame. Your hitch kit should have washers or hole spacers, use one for the top and bottom of the frame. Place the washers on the bolts and install the bolts from the top of the frame. Put a washer on the bottom of each bolt and install the hex flange nuts. Then, install the receiver.

Step 6 - Place Ball Mount

The ball mount is easy to install and does not require drilling. Take the pin out of the ball mount and slide the mount into the square receiver hole. Align the holes and slip the pin in. Once you are done, the ball can be placed.