6 Summer Sunroom Decorating Ideas

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When you think of a summer sunroom you probably think of floor to ceiling windows and plants. Sunrooms are a great addition to any home, where you can retreat to in the morning with a cup of coffee and the day's newspaper. In the winter months, a summer sunroom can add some warmth on those bitterly cold days by letting the sunshine into the room from the many windows.

Decorating a sunroom is one of those things that many do not think about often. Mostly because many people think that decorating the sunroom is either too easy or not very important. The truth of the matter is, the decorating of your sunroom can either detract from the appeal of your room, or add tremendous value. Here are a few decorating ideas to help you make better choices.

1. Furniture

Comfort and functionality are the two main ideas to think about when looking for furniture for your summer sunroom. Comfortable seating and dining furniture will help make your sunroom a place where everyone will want to be. Many times the sunroom is open to the rest of the home so lawn furniture is not what you look into. Choose furniture that compliments not only the sunroom's structure but also that of the rest of the home. For instance, a sunroom that is built with wood and has exposed beams will benefit from having wicker furniture with a light color.

2. Bright Flowers

Add some color and freshness to your sunroom by placing several different flowers in the room. Bright colors like African Violets, Daisies, and Begonias will make great flowers for brightening up a sunroom on a dark day.

3. Sheer Curtains

When the summer months begin to get hot and the sun shines for longer periods of time over the windows, it can add a lot of heat and light into the room. Diffuse some of the light by adding some sheer curtains to the ceiling. Locate them towards the center of the ceiling and drape them down towards the corner of the room. This will add a more intimate effect while also cutting down on the heat and sunlight.

4. Ceiling Fans

Install a ceiling fan in the center of the room to circulate the air around. By keeping the air moving it will be more comfortable while you are sitting there. Even in the winter, it will move the heat of the room around into that room and other areas.

5. Throw Rugs and Mats

Add some comfort and transfer the feel of the room to the floor with throw rugs and mats. If your floor is a hardwood floor, you can simply put down a few light-colored rugs to help detail seating areas and around doors.

6. Water Feature

Give your sunroom a relaxing effect by placing a small water fountain in it. You can opt for small tabletop designs, but a large, free-standing corner fountain will neutralize the sun's rays by keeping the room cooled down. As the fountain runs the water will splash, and mist into the air.