6 Sunroom Glass Types

A sunroom.

The majority of sunrooms are made up of 75 to 90% glass around a solid frame. Therefore, it is important to consider the different types of glass on offer. Choosing the right type can be safer and allows an optimum amount of light into the sunroom throughout the year. There are many different types to be considered.

1. Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is the material used for car windscreens and windows. The main benefit of this glass is that it will not shatter upon impact. Instead, it will crumble and break inwards. This dramatically reduces the risk of injury to a human being and decreases the chances of a potential hazard during violent storms. It is also denser which will make each individual window in your sunroom stronger. Companies will often charge extra for tempered glass in a sunroom package but the benefits are huge.

2. Single Solex Glass

Single Solex glass will come with a green tint. The glass is specifically designed to stop heat penetrating into a sunroom and it is scientifically proven to reflect ultraviolet rays. This means that the sunroom could be used for sunbathing all day long and the health risks would be smaller than sunbathing outside. The drawback is that the glass only comes in a single pane design and is quite expensive.

3. Triple Pane Glass

Using triple pane glass in a sunroom is like directly fitting insulation panels into the glass slots. They will have three layers of glass that make it difficult for heat to escape. They will have an inert gas in between the layers providing extra insulation. Most companies will explain the different gas that goes between panes and some will even provide a choice of them before purchase.

4. Double Pane Glass

Double pane glass is used for extra efficiency and insulation. This type of glass is advisable if the sunroom will be used all year round. It will help to keep heat in during the winter months and will reflect sunrays during the summer months. Double pane glass has an inert gas in between the panels which operates as in insulator. This glass is exactly the same in design as triple pane but with one less layer.

5. Single Pane Glass

This is the cheapest glass available to use for a sunroom. Although it is not generally advisable to use these, the panels are quick to install and cheap to replace. Single pane glass would be ideal as a stopgap measure while deciding on a stronger and more durable glass type to use. Buy an extra strength sealant if using these windows to reduce the chances of panels shattering.

6. Low-E Glass

Low emission glass is the most environmentally friendly type of glass. The glass panels are chemically coated which allows light into a sunroom but keeps harmful rays and energy out. The main benefit of this type of glass is that it acts as an obstruction to ultraviolet rays. It comes in a variety of tinted colors but happens to be the most expensive glass available.