6 Things to Check for When Buying a Used Golf Cart

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The sport of golf can be an expensive business when you add up the cost of all the accessories required, so purchasing a used golf cart can be a great way to keep costs down. Knowing what to look for will ensure that you get a great deal.

1. Refurbishment Level

Be aware that some traders will refurbish a used golf cart before selling it, whereas others will sell it as it is. Not only will this make a difference to the condition, but it is also likely to make a difference to the price. Ask the retailer to outline the work that has been undertaken and decide whether you are prepared to do any repair work yourself. Examine the cart carefully so that you are fully aware of the condition. Grip the canopy and shake it to make sure it is stable and that it does not cause any unusual sounds. Also, look for any rust spots or signs that the tires are worn. Take it for a test drive to check the way it operates and to see that all the mechanisms work correctly.

2. Age

Take the age of the cart into account as parts for older models may be more difficult to find in the event that they become necessary. This is entirely possible for a model that has had more use than a newer golf cart. It may also be more difficult to find someone who is capable of repairing it.

3. Features

Consider the golf cart in accordance with the intended use. The features required for a vehicle that will only be used on a golf course are different from those required to travel around a gated community, for example. Think about the storage and accessories that you require and whether the cart contains them.

4. Power

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Different golf carts have different power supply methods and you must choose one that suits your needs. If considering a gas-powered vehicle, think about whether a supply is readily available. For an electric model, determine whether the battery is rechargeable. Check the condition of the battery and its leads to ensure they are in good condition. The battery has a limited lifespan so ask the seller to confirm its age if it is not obvious.

5. Price

Of course, price will be one of the first things you need to consider so it is important to understand what drives sales figures. A golf cart that has undergone customization will cost more than a basic model. Think about whether any aspects of customization are necessary or whether you can do without accessories in order to get a bargain. Although used models will generally be cheaper than the new ones, there will still be a wide range of prices to choose from within the used cart market range.

6. Manufacturer

Obtaining a golf cart that has been manufactured by a well-known company may ultimately be more cost effective as replacement parts will be easier to find and there will be more repair options available in the event of a breakdown.