6 Tips for Aligning a Sliding Patio Door

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A sliding patio door is a wonderful way to both enhance the character of your home and use an entrance to the patio area. These sliding doors are also great for letting a lot of light into a room as well as providing views of your yard.

Installing a sliding patio door is a relatively easy process, but does require some patience when aligning the door correctly. There are also times when you will need to realign the sliding door after it has been used for a while.

1. Sliding Patio Door Aligning

This is an important part of maintaining a sliding patio door. Without the proper alignment, the door can easily jam in the slider, be warped, and even crack from the pressure. Opening a sliding door that is not aligned correctly is hard and can often lead to injury or damage to the door.

It's important to check the door for alignment, or immediately realign the door when you notice that it is not opening right. Before doing any aligning of the door, take time to clean the track and add some lubricant. The tracks may only be dirty.

2. Aligning Upon Installation

The most important part of installing a sliding patio door is to align it properly before securing it completely. This means checking to make sure that the frame is level throughout the entire area.

The use of shims is a great way to level out the sliding door frame. You can use shims on the vertical or horizontal axis. Taking time to do this properly will save a lot of problems in the future.

3. Align Door Immediately

Once the door is put into the frame there are several little adjustments that can be made. You can align the rollers, the height of the door, and even the latch for a perfect slide and fit. Once the door has been placed into the frame, make sure to take the time to align it before you begin testing it out.

4. Align Door in Small Increments

When people try to align their door they make a common mistake that can be very frustrating. They usually make large adjustments to the door. However, what should be done is that any adjustments should be in small increments. Use a small screwdriver and only make small quarter turns on the adjusting screw.

5. Align Door by Feel

It is good to place a level on the sliding door, but it might not give you a free-sliding door. Sometimes the home is not level or has settled slightly. When this happens you will need to rely on how the door feels rather than what the level says. Adjust the door until you can easily slide the door along the track without any problems.

6. Check for Damage to Door

You can continue to realign the sliding patio door, but if there is a piece that is damaged, the door will not stay aligned. Check to make sure that the rollers, the rail, latch, and other components are not broken or bent. This can lead to the door not working properly no matter how many times you align it. Replace these parts and then try to align the sliding door again.