6 Tips for Cleaning a Refrigerator Compressor

A man works on a refrigerator.

A refrigerator compressor is a very important part of the appliance so it needs to be cleaned to maintain its efficiency. A dirty refrigerator compressor can affect the temperature inside the fridge, so make sure that to have it cleaned as soon as it becomes dirty.

The easiest way to maintain the efficiency of the refrigerator is to clean the coils found at the back of the appliance. These coils are easy to spot because they are black and they form a mesh. When the fridge is on, the compressor will create a high-frequency humming sound. When this occurs, this means the refrigerator compressor is working fine. In order to keep this compressor working smoothly, here are some cleaning tips to consider.

Always Unplug the Refrigerator First

Remember that the refrigerator is an electrical appliance and therefore can become a potential electrocution risk. Never clean or access the back part of the machine when the electrical cord is plugged in. Always turn off the circuit breaker or remove the electrical plug first before cleaning.

Provide a Wider Space to Work With

Don’t clean the coils on the compressor when the fridge is too close to the wall. Pull the fridge farther from the wall to provide sufficient working space. Ask for help if necessary. A wider working space will allow cleaning to be easier and a lot more effective because it exposes hard to reach areas.

Use Damp Cloth and Soap

To clean the grimy buildup on the coils, make use of a damp cloth and dab it a little with soap. Wipe the coils until the dirt is removed. Use a scrub or a brush if necessary. Never ever allow the other parts of the refrigerator to become wet. Always make sure not to use too much water as it may dampen the other parts of the machine and cause it to malfunction.

Use a Duster and a Vacuum Cleaner

Sometimes, using a duster and a vacuum cleaner is sufficient. This is if there is not tough dirt buildup on the compressor and the coils. If the refrigerator is not situated in a very moist area, chances are that the cleaning process will only require dusting the coils and vacuuming the entire compressor. Simply stroke the duster on the coils while vacuuming. Make sure to clean every part of the coil and the compressor.

Allow the Compressor and Coils to Dry

After cleaning with a damp cloth, do not plug the refrigerator yet. Allow the cleaned compressor and coils to dry completely to ensure that they will work efficiently afterward. Do remember to reinstall the shields at the bottom of the fridge if they have been initially removed.

Clean Regularly

Even after thorough cleaning, dust will eventually build up once again after a few months. Therefore, maintain regular cleaning schedule. Once a year is fine, but every 6 months is better if there are pets inside the house.