How You Can Install an Acrylic Bathtub

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  • 4-8 hours
  • Beginner
  • 250-500
What You'll Need
Acrylic bathtub
Spirit level
Power drill
Tape measure

Installing an acrylic bathtub as part of a bathroom renovation can be a costly pursuit. However, by bearing in mind a few tips, you will find that it is a task that can be undertaken relatively easily with beautiful results.

Measure Twice

Although most acrylic bathtubs come in a standard size, there is also a variety of unusual sizes available. To ensure that you get the correct bathtub for your bathroom, carefully measure the recess or other area where it is to be placed to ensure that you have the correct dimensions, and don’t forget that you will also require a siding if 1 side of the tub is to be supported by a wall. Note the measurements and take them with you while shopping.

Consider the Floor

If you are installing a bathtub in the same position from which you have removed another, the flooring must first be considered. Removing the old tub will enable you to examine flooring which has previously been hidden away. Take the opportunity to examine it closely to ensure that it has not suffered any water damage. If that is the case, it is not likely to be level, which will stop the bathtub from sitting correctly. Replace floorboards and joists with treated wood to prevent wet rot should there be any escaped water. Use a spirit level to ensure that the floor is level.

Fit Supports

Remember that the acrylic bathtub must be fitted in a manner that will allow the water to run from it and flow down the drain. With that in mind, ensure that you correctly position the supports that come with a tub that is to be fitted. The supports that bear the weight at the tap end of the tub should be fractionally shorter than those at the other end; ensure that they are fixed in the correct position.

Sort Plumbing

If possible, fit the bathtub so that there are not many pipes clustered together, which can create problems in the event of there being any repair required. If other appliances are required, such as a shower pump, ensure that it is fitted and tested.

Add Siding

Make sure that the measurements of the siding are such that enable it to be fitted comfortably and securely at the free side of the acrylic bathtub. It must be fitted beneath the lip of the tub to prevent any water from spilling beneath the tub and soaking the floor.

Final Touches

If the acrylic bathtub is being supported by a wall, it is important to seal the joint between the bath and the wall. After weighing down the tub by filling it with water, apply anti-fungal sealant along every edge to prevent any water ingress. This same process must be used to seal the joins where the siding meets the wall. Leave the sealant to dry for 24 hours before using the tub.