Tips for Painting Your Shower Base

  • 3 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 50
What You'll Need
Soap scum remover
Baking Soda

If your shower base is looking stained, or its original finish is now chipped and dull, there are several ways to refresh it by painting. Learn how to paint a shower base to restore its surface from these tips below.

Determine the Material of Your Shower Base

Most shower bases are made of either fiberglass or precast concrete. You will need to use surface paint that will adhere to the material to make a finished surface that is neither too slippery to stand on safely nor so rough that it will cut bare feet.

Clean the Shower Base of Soap Scum, Stains, and Loose Caulk or Grout

Clean the shower base as thoroughly as possible. Use soap scum removers, degreasers, and stain lifters such as baking soda to ensure a surface that will hold the paint effectively. After this treatment a fiberglass shower base will be ready for painting. Sweep out and chip off any cracked caulking or grout, and repair it after painting.