6 Tips for Unclogging Pool Drains

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Pool drains get clogged from time to time, even if you properly care for and maintain your pool. It's part of pool ownership, and you have to maintain the drains to avoid bigger problems down the road. When they do get clogged, you have to unclog them. This isn't hard to do, but it is a chore and you should be aware of your options. Here are 6 tips for unclogging pool drains:

1. Beware of Chemical Cleansers

There are major benefits to using cleansers. Chemical cleaners can get the job done for you without the need to manually unclog the pool drains. However, there's a risk to using them on the wrong material. The use of acidic cleaners can destroy your pool drains. It's better to try to unclog them without chemical cleansers or to use one that's more gentle than to risk damaging the pool. There are also the health risks to you from the use of harsh chemicals, and therefore, try to use other alternatives first.

2. Plungers

There are plungers that you can use for unclogging pool drains. However, it's not as simple as the toilet plungers you're used to. If you're not skilled at it, you could cause your pool to flood. Find someone who knows how to do this and ask for help or get advice before attempting to try it on your own.

3. Have a Bucket Handy

You'll need to open the trap to clear materials and other things that got stuck in the drain. However, you don't want to smear it on the side of the pool or on the deck as you pull it out. Have a bucket close by to empty out the dirt and other matter that got stuck in the trap.

4. Flush the Drains

Once you remove whatever got stuck in the drains, it's a good idea to flush them with hot water. Think of it as a natural cleanser. You can also add a mild soap or other natural solution to the hot water if you choose. Don't skip this step when you finish unclogging your pool drains.

5. High Pressure

There's another method that you can try, requiring the use of a garden hose. Attach a product called Drain King to the hose, insert it into the pipe, and unclog your pool drains with the force of the water. If your pipe has an elbow, you can still try to use the hose to blow the debris or material into the pool.

6. Clean the Filter

You might have a problem with a dirty filter and not a clogged drain. Make sure you clean this first to eliminate this as a source of your problem. Backwash the filter and make sure that it's well cleaned.

The best way to unclog pool drains is to prevent them from clogging in the first place. Make sure you take preventative measures and do what you can to properly care for and maintain your pool.