6 Tips for Using a Halogen Light Bulb In Your Bathroom

A halogen light bulb can be excellent in the bathroom. It offers more light in an area where lighting is very important, and often last longer than a traditional light bulb. It can also offer more focused lighting on areas where you need it, such as over the bathroom mirror. There are several ideas that can help when planning on using halogen light bulbs in the bathroom.

Tip 1 - Type of Lights

Whenever you’re using a halogen light bulb in the bathroom, make sure that the fixture is rated against damp as steam will build up in the bathroom. The last thing you need is a halogen light bulb blowing in an area where you’re in bare feet.

Tip 2 - Dimmer

As a halogen light bulb gives off far more light than an incandescent bulb, you might consider having some of the lights at least on a dimmer. You won’t want extremely bright light al the time; it’s not very relaxing when you’re in the bath, for instance-so being able to control the level can help you a great deal. At other times, such as when shaving or applying makeup, a bright light can be very advantageous. Using a dimmer switch gives you that control to alter the level of light within the bathroom.

Tip 3 - Location

Where you place the fixtures with a halogen light bulb in the bathroom can be very important. Placing a fixture over the bathroom mirror can focus light on that area, which is exactly where you need it. Similarly, a light in the ceiling above the shower with good lighting can prove to be very important.

Tip 4 - Mixing Bulbs

You can mix halogen light bulbs and incandescent light bulbs in the bathroom. How you do that is up to you. Be aware, however, that if you only have a couple of lights in the bathroom you’ll find it much easier to work solely with halogen light bulbs. However, in a large bathroom that offers different types of lights, mix things up a little. Incandescent bulbs in wall sconces can offer a softer light, while halogen light bulbs in recessed spot lights can give focus then can be carefully positioned.

Tip 5 - Saving Money

A halogen light bulb is far greener than an incandescent light bulb. It’s also cheaper to run, using less energy and lasting longer. Be aware, though, that even with those advantages you should only have the lights on when using the bathroom. Turn the lights off when you leave, as you would with any other room.

Tip 6 - Wiring

Before installing halogen lights, take the time to check your wiring. As always, any bathroom wiring should be protected behind the wall, but you need more for halogen lighting. Halogen lighting needs newer wiring that’s in good condition. If your wiring is old, either replace it or use incandescent bulbs. It’s always better to replace old wiring, as upgrading will also increase the value of the house. Unless you’re very experienced, hire an electrician to do the work.