6 Tips for Using a Spray Shield During Your Painting Project

A spray shield can a very handy tool when you know the best ways to use one. Follow the tips below when using your spray shield to achieve a professional-looking finish on any surface.

Use Angled Edge

When inspecting the edge of your shield. Notice it is angled. When spraying a wall and shielding your ceiling, the angle will be facing downward. When spraying a ceiling and shielding your wall, the angle will be facing upward. Likewise, when spraying a wall and shielding your baseboard, it also will be facing up. This will help create clean, prominent lines and will aid in catching some of the paint building onto the shield. Keep in mind that the angle will always be facing what you will be spraying.

Spray 3 Inches From Each End

Begin spraying 3 inches from each end of your shield. This is to ensure you do not accidentally spray off of the edge and spray paint onto your protected surface. You will actually only be using the center portion of your spray shield.

Spray Gun Inward

When spraying, always point your spray gun inward toward the center of your shield. If you spray straight into your shield, over-spray will get onto what you are trying to protect.

Avoid Spraying Outside Corners

When nearing an outside corner, stop spraying short of it. Avoid spraying all the way to a corner. Even if you are holding your shield with part of it hanging past the corner, it still will not prevent over-spray from getting on the ceiling or wall around the corner.

Clean Shield Frequently

When you have accumulated some paint on your shield, either clean using a spray of water or wipe off the paint with a rag, because if not cleaned frequently, paint will bleed through to the backside and will spoil your straight lines.

Using Cardboard Shields

When spraying the exterior of your home that has a roof already in place, spraying it can be done with great ease using shields. It is not necessary to go the big expense in buying several plastic or metal spray shields. Another trick paint professionals use, is to cut out 1x3-foot cardboard pieces. You will slip them above the metal flashing and below your shingles two inches deep. Also, overlap each end of the cardboard about 2 inches to keep paint from bleeding between them. Slide into place as many pieces of cardboard you have on hand.

If you wish not to cut out your own cardboard shields, your local paint store has them available reasonably priced and sold in bundles.

The above tips reflect the most common problems and concerns you may run into when using a spray shield. This helpful guide will get you started using a spray, shield already knowing common issues so you can create neat, clean lines easily. These tips will give you insight on using a spray shield so your next paint job is virtually flawless and looks professional.