6 Tips for Using Rope Lights Indoors

Rope lights can add a festive theme to a room or simply create a subtle modern ambience. They're easy to install, economical to run and their uses are seemingly endless. Here are a few ideas to help you achieve maximum effect with your indoor rope lights.

Use Rope Lights To Enhance Your Home's Features

Try putting a length of rope lighting under the lip or overhang of the peninsular unit in your kitchen or use them as under-cupboard lighting. You may also prefer to run a length of them under the banister rail of your staircase. Set rope lights around a mirror to produce a Hollywood dressing room look that will appeal to many teenage girls. Headboards or bedsteads are also easily enhanced with rope lights. Perhaps you could highlight architectural features like fireplaces and feature windows, alcoves or French doors.

Holiday Season or Party Time

Rope Lights used inside the home can be a permanent fixture but there's no reason why they can't be incorporated into your holiday theme when the time for seasonal decoration comes around. Add garlands of rich greenery and baubles or faux fruits and berries beneath rope lights at Christmas. Include balloons or streamers for party nights at New Year or family get-togethers.

Steps and Stairs

Indoor rope lights look stunning when run along the edges of stairs or steps. The ropes are very flexible so they are easy to fix into place where bending is necessary. While rope lights look attractive on stairs, they also cast enough light to make it easy to see the steps at night so there is a safety advantage in using them this way. Likewise, think about creating an illuminated effect around the edges of doors or shelved areas.

Lighting the Bedroom

Interior rope lights are ideal for lighting areas like closets and dressing areas or alcoves where light is often poor. Choose white lights for the clearest illumination. Rope lights are safe to use in enclosed areas as they burn at a cool rate and the small bulbs are encased in the transparent rope.

Fittings and Cutting

When you buy rope lights, make sure they come complete with fixing clips and full instructions. Fixing clips are unobtrusive when they are in place but they allow you secure the rope to the exact required position. Most manufacturers will advise that clips are placed between bulbs to prevent damage. Power connectors will be provided with your ropes but bear in mind that the lengths can be cut to suit your requirements. Always cut the rope in the space between bulbs when shortening lengths of rope lighting. Also, bear in mind that you can splice together different color lights for a rainbow effect.

Power Information

If, like many other people, you are mindful of keeping the cost of your energy bills low, rope lights are ideal. LED lights offer 50,000 to 100,000 hours of life in comparison to traditional incandescent lighting which only gives around 1,000 hours of service.