6 Tips for Wax Removal from Clothes

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  • 30 minutes
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What You'll Need
Hot Iron
Wax paper
Paper towels
Ice blocks

Wax removal can be one of the more difficult laundry tasks. Here are some tips you can try in order to make removing wax stains from your clothes easier.

1. Scrape the Wax

You attempt wax removal from clothes, or any other cloth or fabric, by scraping the wax away by means of a sharp instrument, such as a knife or a razor blade. For this method to work, the wax should be dry and have become solid. When you work, be careful not to damage the fabric underneath.

2. Heat with an Iron

A woman uses an iron.

After scraping away as much wax as possible, you can iron the affected part. You should iron the garment from the underside and place an absorbent paper towel underneath the garment. The heat from the iron should melt away the wax residue, which should then be absorbed by the paper towel. To avoid any wax sticking to the iron’s base, you should also place a towel or a piece of cloth on top of the garment.

You should try to press the iron gently and use as much heat as the garment can tolerate without sustaining any damage.

3. Heat With a Hair Dryer

You could also use a hair dryer to heat the wax stain. Pat the fabric softly with a paper napkin to remove as much wax as possible from the cloth.

4. Use Ice

You can also attempt cold wax removal. Place an ice bag over the stain. The freezing effect will help the wax to set and solidify. Then you may be able to remove it from the fabric more easily.

5. Apply Rubbing Alcohol

A basket of cleaning supplies.

Another ingredient which helps in wax removal is alcohol. Rub it onto the stained part, with the intention to combat any dye marks that may be caused by the wax deposit. Gently dab the stained area with a towel and then sponge it down with some water. Make sure to dry it soon afterward.

6. Wait

Always keep in mind that, contrary to other stains which you should try to remove immediately, wax should settle before you attempt to remove it. It is easier to remove wax when it is solid.