6 Tips for Wiring an Electric Furnace

Both gas and electric heat are popular in the country, but more people are going for an electric furnace since it can be cheaper than gas in some states. Some people choose to install their own furnace which is totally fine but should always remember to keep these 6 tips for safely wiring an electric furnace to ensure its efficiency and long working life.

A good working electric furnace will keep your home warm and comfortable during the cold winter months. Also keep in mind that since an electric furnace requires knowledge in electrical wiring, it can be dangerous to install it yourself if you have no idea how to wire such major appliance. Always better have someone inspect your work prior to turning it on.

Always Shut Off Power

Working on an electric appliance such as an electric furnace is extremely dangerous especially when it is still connected to a power source. Always turn of power before connecting any type of wiring that will make your electric furnace functional.

Check Connections

Always note down the type of connections the electric furnace has and where they are supposed to go. Attaching wiring incorrectly can damage your electric furnace and this will not be a very good idea especially if you are currently rushing into installing your furnace because of the cold season. It is also important to take note of these connections and buy a furnace that will properly connect to these electric cords. If you feel you are lost with all these wiring and connections, better to consult a professional to ensure that you are buying one that will function well for your home and heat it efficiently.

Choose Location Properly

When replacing an old furnace, always install where the old furnace stands and make the necessary adjustments and renovations. Alterations in the power source is also important to ensure that it will properly power your new electric furnace. Heating appliances such as these are made to withstand heat. The wires have special types of insulations that a cooling appliance doesn’t have so always check replacement wirings before using it on your furnace.

Check Power Source

Like any major high voltage appliance in your home, special types of wiring need to be installed in order for these appliances to function properly.

Get Proper Replacement Wiring

If your wires need to be replaced, always make sure to get the same exact wiring replacement or electrical accidents can occur and possibly home fires.

Always Test Your Wiring

Testing the wiring system of your furnace is extremely important to ensure that your electrical system can withstand the power requirement of your electric furnace. If you are in doubt about these things, always consult an electrician prior to completing this project to avoid any damage to your new furnace or your home.