6 Tips on Becoming a Minimalist Around the House

Becoming a minimalist around the house will make your life more peaceful and greatly reduce stress. Because of the consumer society we live in, we purchase and hoard items we hardly use. These items are not only a waste of hard-earned money, but they add to your house's clutter and take up unnecessary space. Becoming a minimalist is a change of attitude and perspective. Here are some tips to becoming a minimalist around the house.

Tip 1 - View the House

Walk around your house to view all the items you own. You will be surprised at how many things you own but hardly use. These can range from expensive electronics to edible items such as frozen food and also include things we keep for sentimental reasons. A minimalist needs just the basic necessities to live comfortably.

  • Buy cartons to pack items you do not need or have no use for and markers to label them.
  • Donate unneeded or unnecessary items to charity.

You do not need to be uncomfortable to be a minimalist. Your aim is to simply reduce clutter around the house by giving away items you are holding on to for the wrong reasons and can easily live without.

Tip 2 - Remove Extra Furniture

Remove furniture from the rooms that you do not use or need. If you have 2 sofa sets in the lounge, give 1 away. Sell it if it is new or expensive and give the proceeds to charity to help those less fortunate.

Tip 3 - Remove Extra Clothing

Your closets may be stocked with extra clothes you hardly wear.

  • Keep a few favorite outfits and give everything else away. This should include sweaters, shirts, trousers, skirts, socks and under garments.
  • Go through your bed linen, tablecloths and drapery and do the same.

Tip 4 - Check Walls and Floors

A minimalist can do without paintings, wall hangings or expensive carpets. Keeping them bare will reduce visible clutter and make you feel lighter.

  • Remove any wall-to-wall carpeting and keep a throw rug if necessary.
  • Instead of hanging many paintings or portraits on 1 wall, keep 1 or 2 special paintings, or those that mean a lot to you, but space them out on several different walls throughout your house.

Tip 5 - Remove Excess Items

With all the excess major items out of the way, move from one room to the other with a box and pick up items you have no use for:

  • Old music tapes, audio or videocassettes, decorations, books and magazines.
  • Include spare hairbrushes, makeup kits, sprays, perfumes and creams.

You may be surprised at how much clutter you have collected, all the while using just your few favorite items.

Tip 6 - Assign Proper Places

  • Store the few items you want to keep neatly on shelves or in closets and cupboards.
  • Assign everything its own proper place and keep it there after you use it.

Once everything is done, review the rooms to make sure you have not overlooked something you have no use for. Being a minimalist in every aspect of life will make your home feel lighter and clutter-free.