6 Tips on Finding Your Vehicles Oil Drain Plug

A car on the road.

Finding the oil drain plug is an essential first step to getting your oil changed. You need to unplug the drain in order to allow the old oil to drain out before you add the new oil to your car. Changing your oil in the car is a necessary maintenance step that should be done every three to four months. Oil drain plugs are located in different places depending on a car's model and size. However, there are several standard tips you can follow to find your oil drain plug, no matter what car, make, or model you may have.

1. Locate the Transmission

The oil drain plug is right before the transmission on the driver's side of the car. Pop the hood and look for the transmission first. It is one of the biggest components in the engine bay and is usually easy to spot. Then look right in front of it. You should see the oil drain plug for your car.

2. Find the Oil Pan

Locate the oil pan. The oil drain plug is at the bottom of the oil pan so that it can be opened to drain out the old oil.

3. Check the Manufacturer's Directions

Pull out your manual for your car and find the diagram of the car's mechanics. There should be a page or a part of a page dedicated to your car's oil pan and oil change components. Use the manufacturer's information as a guide to direct you to the proper location for your oil drain plug.

4. Take a Trip to an Auto Parts Store

These representatives are usually fairly knowledgeable about cars and the parts that are located within them. Ask them for literature or for a few pointers on how to find the oil drain plug. Usually the parts stores will be more than happy to help you because they will want to earn your future business. It never hurts to ask.

5. Ask a Mechanic

Ask your local mechanic. Tell them that you are trying to change the oil yourself and would like a little advice. Most mechanics do not make money on oil changes but make it on the extra and ancillary components that they charge you when they change your oil. They are usually more than happy to help you as it provides great customer service and a good satisfaction rating.

6. Get on a Creepy Crawler

Jack up car and support with jack-stands. Lie down on a creepy crawler and get underneath your car. You will need to get almost halfway across your car to locate the oil pan. Once you have located the oil pan, you should be able to find the drain plug. The creepy crawler gives you a little more stability and comfort when looking for the plug.