3 Tips on Wiring an Attic Fan

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What You'll Need

The process of wiring an attic fan involves the power source and switch location, wiring connections to the switch, and wiring connections to the fan. Here are 3 tips to help.

Location of Power Supply and Switch

Find a live receptacle for the power source. Determine the fan switch location. Install the switch box and switch. Turn off power to the receptacle. Install 12-3 gauge wire from the power receptacle to the switch.

Switch Connections

At the power source, strip 1 inch of covering from the wires. Attach the black wire to the brass screw on the receptacle. Attach the white wire to the silver screw. Attach the bare, ground wire to the green, grounding screw.
At the switch box, connect the black wire to the bottom brass screw of the switch. Attach the bare wire to the ground screw on the switch.

Fan Connections

Install wire to the fan from the switch box. At the switch, connect the white wires together. Attach the black wire to the top brass screw on the switch. Attach the ground wire to the ground screw on the switch. Connect the black-and-white fan wires to the black-and-white switch wires. Connect the copper wires together.

The attic fan wiring is now complete. You can turn on the power and test the fan.