6 Types of Bifold Doors Explained

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Bifold doors are a good solution when complete access to a closet or other space is needed. Sliding doors only give access to one half or the other at one time. Bifold doors fold-out, supported by a track, and don't take up a lot of room when open. They come in many different styles and colors that fit any decor. They can also be painted or decorated to fit their surroundings.

1 - Closet Doors

This is the most well-known use of this type of door. They can be used where there is limited space. They allow the entire closet to be seen at one time. They don't swing out, so furniture can be placed near them. In hallways, the doors don't block passage when they are open. They are light and easy to open.

2 - Pantry or Laundry Room Doors

Other places in homes that have limited space are kitchens, garages, and utility rooms. Bifold doors offer a way to separate a small area from the larger room and not need a lot of space for doors to swing open. They can keep down the sound of washing machines and dryers in the rest of the home.

3 - Room Dividers

Many houses are built with wide openings between some rooms that have no doors. If the homeowner wants to create more privacy, bifold doors are useful. They can often be installed by the homeowner with only a drill and a power screwdriver. Sometimes shims have to be used to make the doors hang level.

4 - Acoustical Doors

Special folding doors are made that insulate against sound. At a church or lecture hall, with other rooms nearby that need to be quieter, these doors are useful. An office near a home theater or living room, where quiet is required, can be blocked off with a bifold or other folding door designed to block sound.

5 - Exterior Doors

Modern house designs often have large openings to the outside, allowing for easy movement in and out to a yard, deck, or patio. Doors that fold to the sides create an open-air feeling. Exterior bifold doors usually have glass panels in them. They are heavier than interior doors and are built to withstand weather as well as to provide security for the house. These doors have the same function as traditional French doors but use less space. If there are a larger number of folding panels they are called accordion doors.

6 - Garage and Hangar Doors

Some garages and airplane hangars have bi-fold doors that fold upwards instead of sideways. The panels fold at the top of the door frame, leaving room for a vehicle or airplane to exit and enter. They have the same advantage of saving space that other types of bifold doors have, and the door folded up is out of the way of the moving vehicles.

Bifold doors have many uses in different parts of a house or garage. They are easy to install and don't get in the way during use.