6 Types of Clawfoot Tub Faucets to Consider

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The many types of clawfoot tub faucets available make it hard for people to find the right faucet. Aside from appearances, which can affect the overall design of the bathroom, it is also important for homeowners to know about the functionality of the common types of faucets that can be installed on clawfoot tubs. Below is an overview of the faucets to consider for your elevated tub.

Traditional Tub Mounted

If you want a classic bathroom design, then this faucet may be right for you. Tub mounted faucets are the most affordable type; however, the clawfoot tubs must have pre-drilled holes for mounting.

Simple Spout

If your bathroom design leans toward a minimalist theme, then a simple spout faucet will be perfect. This particular fixture is characterized by a spout that points downward. For modern bathroom designs, the preferred choice is the tub filler, which is a type of simple spout faucet that does not provide for attachment of shower accessories.


Grace and elegance are words that best describe a gooseneck tub faucet. It has a long spout that curves downward, resembling a goose's neck. The height of gooseneck faucets typically ranges between 6 and 12-inches. You may have to shell out extra cash if you want this faucet to come with a hand shower.

Hand Shower Wall Mount

This faucet is similar to traditional tub mounted units, except that they come with a handheld shower and flexible hose. If you value flexibility and practicality, you should consider this type of faucet for your clawfoot tub. This faucet certainly makes rinsing your hair and cleaning the tub much easier.

Deck Mounted

Deck mounted fixtures are rated among the most popular clawfoot tub faucets. Instead of being mounted on the wall of the tub, the faucet is placed on the top edge or rim. Many people prefer this type of faucet because its spout and accessories occupy very little space. You also have the option to buy a deck-mounted fixture with a hand shower attachment.

Free Standing

If your clawfoot tub does not have pre-drilled holes, consider a free-standing faucet system. This type of faucet is mounted to the wall flanking. It is also a great option for small tubs.

faucets for Clawfoot tubs are available in many styles, colors, and finishes, such as brass, chrome, silver, and gold. All of the models, however, do come with matching hoses, handles, and shower or other like accessories.