6 Types of Kitchen Floor Tiles

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Since there are many types of kitchen floor tiles available in the market, a lot of homeowners are finding it hard to pick the type that can best suit their home. Aside from the non-slip features, there are other things that must be considered when choosing floor tiles. These include the price, strength, attractiveness, and even consistency of the tiles with your kitchen motif. Here are the most common types of floor tiles to help you choose the best kitchen flooring material to use.

1. Ceramic Tiles

One of the main advantages of a ceramic tile is its low price. This type of tile, which is usually made from clay and other minerals including talc, is suitable for high-traffic areas. Also, it is available in glossy or matte form. Since ceramic tiles are available in numerous styles and colors, it would be easy for you to find a design that will fit the theme of your kitchen.

One drawback in using ceramic tiles is that they are prone to chipping and cracking. These tiles will surely break if you drop heavy objects on them. Moreover, the anti-skid feature of ceramic is not that reliable, so such flooring material is not suitable for seniors and toddlers.

2. Glass Floor Tiles

If you want to achieve sophistication, beauty, and elegance, you should pick glass kitchen floor tiles. However, it is important that you ask your dealer for glass tiles specifically made for the flooring to ensure that you will be getting the more durable and skid-resistant variety. The only drawback of this type of tile is its cost. Glass tiles are very expensive.

3. Granite Tiles

If you want durability, you can rely on granite flooring tile. This type is as durable as marble but much cheaper. Granite is moderately skid-resistant, but it is invulnerable to etching from coffee, soda, or other acidic liquids. On the downside, this type of tile is not easy to maintain. Even minute quartz particles from the soles of shoes can scratch the surface and make granite tiles look dull. To maintain the gloss and beauty of this type of tile, you need to clean, sweep and mop the floor daily.

4. Porcelain Floor Tiles

Porcelain tiles share a lot of the positive characteristics of ceramic kitchen floor tiles. Furthermore, this kind of tile is quite durable and scratch-resistant. Also, porcelain tiles are available in various colors and textures. However, porcelain can be expensive.

5. Saltillo Kitchen Floor Tiles

Homeowners who want to achieve a Mediterranean look in their kitchen should consider Saltillo handmade clay floor tiles, which typically come from Mexico. Such tiles can be aesthetically appealing, but they are among the most delicate floor tiles available in the market. Saltillo material is not only easy to break or chip, it also requires regular sealing and maintenance.

6. Slate Tiles

Slate is a natural stone that is ideal for busy and high-traffic areas in homes. Apart from being durable, slate kitchen floor tiles are naturally skid- and stain-resistant. Unlike other tiles, however, slate tiles are only available in limited colors which include rust, green, gray, and charcoal.