6 Types of Lattice Fences Explained

Lattice fences are popular for garden walls, spa enclosures, and patio screens. They provide some privacy, can be used to keep harsh sunlight out of areas, and just look great when installed correctly. Since there are so many types of lattice fencing available, here is a quick guide to the most popular types and what the benefits are.

Privacy Lattice Fences

The lattice pattern on privacy fences will be a tighter pattern than standard lattice. This will still allow light to enter the area, but the tighter weave of the pattern will obscure the view outside the fence. This is popular to use in dog runs and backyard fencing. 

Open Weave Lattice

Since all lattice is technically an open weave, this name can be misleading. The term 'open weave lattice' simply means a larger pattern. This is a fence that won't provide a lot of privacy, but will add a decorative look when it's installed. This is commonly seen in gardens, used for climbing vines and plants, and used in gazebos.

Lattice Fence Toppers

For those who like the look of lattice, but want the privacy of a full fence, the lattice fence topper may be the answer. This type of fencing is made in long panels that attach to the top of an existing privacy fence. This will offer total privacy with the decorative element lattice can provide. This can also be used along decks, and as material for garden or planter boxes.

Spindle Lattice

Spindle lattice is a popular option for fence toppers. The look is technically lattice, but doesn't feature the criss cross that many people are used to seeing. Instead, spindles of material create the pattern in a vertical only pattern. This won't provide much privacy, but will still add a unique touch to any fence.

Unfinished Wood Lattice Fences

Lattice refers to the way the fence is patterned, and not the material used. Because of this, it is possible to have a lattice fence in any finish you desire. One of the most popular forms of lattice fencing is unfinished wood. This allows the person installing the fence to choose the finish they desire. The lattice can be stained, painted, or left natural with treatment. Cedar, birch, and redwood are usually the top sellers in the unfinished lattice category.

Vinyl Lattice Fences and Screens

Vinyl lattice has many benefits over wood fencing. The vinyl can be made in any color, and is durable enough to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. The panels are often seen in arbors. Lattice panels can also be used as portable privacy screens, and set up easily for special events such as weddings or parties. The downside to vinyl is the color can't be changed as easily as wood fences. Painting vinyl lattice fences or panels will be difficult, and is usually not worth the effort.