6 Types of Outdoor Shower Enclosures

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Outdoor shower enclosure can be very useful on a property. During the summer, they are great to clean up after playing or working outside. There are different styles of outdoor shower enclosure. What works at one house might not work at another. Knowing what’s available allows you to make an informed choice.

Concrete Block

An outdoor shower enclosure made of concrete block is a permanent addition, as it takes time to construct and isn’t likely to come down easily. If you want something solid, it can be the way to go. The downside is that concrete block isn’t the most attractive material.


You can build a wooden outdoor shower enclosure in just a few hours, although the posts will need to be set in concrete overnight before you can complete the construction. If you use treated wood and a good wood sealer, there’s no reason why the shower shouldn’t last for years. It’s cheap to build, and the fact that it’s made of wood means it doesn’t look unsightly. It can blend well into most landscapes. Having it close to the house won’t detract from the yard at all.


You can use reclaimed or salvaged wood to make an outdoor shower enclosure. It’s a very good use for the wood, and recycling it means you’re being green and eco-friendly. More than that, the weather wood can have a very attractive appearance, making it a desirable addition to your home. It’s as simple to build as any wooden shower and can be erected in a matter of hours.


For those who want something even simpler to erect, there are outdoor shower enclosure kits. They go up very easily, although in most instances they’re not particularly durable. They are convenient, and can be moved to different areas of the yard.

Metal Shower

It’s perfectly possible to have a metal outdoor shower enclosure. Bear in mind that it’s not the best idea, as water will cause most metal to rust. Metal can also be sharp, so it’s not a typical shower material. Although it’s feasible, it shouldn’t be the material of choice.


When considering an outdoor shower enclosure, you also need to consider the water for it. If you’re going to use water from an outdoor faucet, you’ll need a hose that’s long enough to reach the shower. On the other hand, of you’re using rainwater accumulated in a barrel you’ll need to have that barrel close to the shower and also higher than the shower head. Doing so will entail setting the barrel on a hill or building with a secure stand for it (a barrel full of water is very heavy). Keep that in mind when working out the water for the shower.