6 Types of Table Saw Stands Explained

A table saw stand is typically either a fixed or permanent metal structure designed to support a table saw, but the definition can be stretched to include table saw extensions. Extensions are stands that attach to the main table saw stand to increase its capacity to support the weight of wood. Table saws in large shops are built into large tables so very large sheets of plywood and other material can be easily cut. Table saw stands are made from either steel or aluminum. 

Portable Table Saw Stands

Portable table saws, as opposed to cabinet shop saws, are made for small home shops or job sites and don’t have the benefit of a large surrounding table. However, extensions can help with this to a certain point. Table saws that require a stand are all portable, but the stands come in different varieties. Occasionally they are made for certain brands, but there are many designed for universal use. Portable stands may collapse or be fixed. Some come with wheels for easy transportation. Steel is a common material, but aluminum stands exist as a lightweight alternative. 

Adjustable Steel Table Saw Stands

Stands made of heavy duty steel tubing are the most common type for portable table saws. They come in many styles and brands, but they are almost all collapsible or come with other features such as pneumatic wheels or an easy adjustment mechanism. One of these, the Bosch TS2000 table saw stand, incorporates both. With wheels it is easily maneuverable. With its gravity-rise table height adjustment system the stand can be raised and lowered without strenuous effort. 

Fixed Stands 

Fixed steel table saw stands are just that: in a fixed position. They do not adjust but hold the saw in one secure place. They may have wheels or casters, though, to facilitate easy movement. 

Aluminum Table Saw Stands

Table saw stands made from aluminum feature similar designs to those made out of steel. The difference is the material from which it is made. Aluminum is a lighter weight metal than steel. They are better suited for on-site table saws that are frequently moved around. Aluminum stands can be fixed or portable as well. 


Another type of stand used with table saws are extensions. They are designed to support the weight of larger pieces of material to cut and to extend the work surface of the table saw. Table saws are usually no bigger than 3 feet by 3 feet, give or take. What makes them seem large is the table surrounding them. A cabinet saw in a fixed location in a shop will undoubtedly have a table built around it. Portable saws and smaller shop saws without that much room to spare often require such extensions to make cutting and ripping easier. Extensions are not designed to support the weight of the saw, only the material being cut. 

Table saw stands typically fall into one of six categories: portable stand, steel stand, aluminum stand, adjustable, fixed and extension. There is some overlap there. A steel table saw stand is either adjustable or fixed as are aluminum models.