6 Types of Toilet Flanges Explained


Toilet flanges, also referred to as closet flanges, are the points of connection of the toilet to the floor and the drainpipes that lead to the sewer. The flanges are circular and have holes through which they are bolted onto the floor and then to the toilet. There are different types of toilet flanges as outlined below.

Plastic Toilet Flanges

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the most common type of plastic used for plumbing. PVC toilet flanges are widely used as well. There are variations to these flanges. Some of them are entirely PVC, while others have a PVC base and a metal top. The flanges are designed to be fitted on 4-inch or 3-inch drainpipes and are affordable.

ABS toilet flanges are made from plastic as well, and are characterized by high rigidity. They are more economical than the PVC flanges. They are also resistant to water, heat and shock. Like other toilet flanges, ABS flanges are available in a variety of designs. They are intended for use on 3-inch as well as on 4-inch drainpipes. To reinforce their strength, some ABS toilet flanges are fitted with an extra metal ring.

Copper Toilet Flanges

Copper flanges have a high resistance to corrosion. Soft copper flanges bend easily to fit into pipes during plumbing. Rigid copper flanges are, on the other hand, inflexible and have to be used with elbow joints to fit into drainpipes.

Cast Iron Toilet Flanges

These toilet flanges are fairly expensive and used for cast iron plumbing. They are consequently very durable. Cast iron flanges come in a variety of sizes that include offset closet flanges. They are offset by 1-inch with a 4-inch compression and 2-inch deep closet flanges designed to fit 3-inch and 4-inch drainpipes. Deep-bodied cast iron flanges are used on drainpipes that are installed lower than the toilet sub-floor, as they are designed to extend down to the pipes.

Aluminum Toilet Flanges

These are characterized by their light weight and resistance to corrosion. Pure aluminum flanges are more corrosion resistant when compared with those made from alloys of aluminum and other metals such as copper, zinc, and manganese. These alloys are still extremely strong and tough.

Stainless Steel Toilet Flanges

Stainless steel flanges are durable, as they are highly resistant to oxidation and corrosion.

Brass Toilet Flanges

Brass flanges are a long-lasting toilet plumbing option. They are available in three sizes, which include regular flanges, offset flanges, and deep seal flanges. Some toilet flanges are available as just the circular piece while others come with an elbow joint that is connected to the drainpipes. During installation, an extra wax ring is placed between the flange and the toilet to ensure that the connection is tightly sealed.