6 Unique Basement Window Treatments

person adding weatherstripping to a basement window

If you have a basement, you might be looking for a way to use basement window treatments to make the windows look much bigger. Basement windows often appear small and make the whole room look both unappealing and dingy.

These special window treatments can improve the look of your basement windows significantly. Basement windows are often much wider than they are high, looking more like something out of a prison than a dream home. This article explains the six most common basement window treatments.


Mirrors are very useful at making your room look much bigger. They also bounce light around the room, which makes it much easier to create a friendly and welcoming space. Mirrors can be strategically placed opposite windows to reflect light all around the room and create interest in certain features. Although using mirrors isn't technically a window treatment, it is an effective way of improving the look of your windows and making the best of the light you have available.

Mirrors can also be applied directly below or above windows to make the window look much bigger than it actually is. This is much more effective if the mirror panels are cut to the same size as the window panes.

Window Film

applying window film

Window film makes your basement much more private, which is great if your goal is to create a space that people can’t see into. Note that using this film will reduce the amount of light available in the room, which could be an issue if you have a small window.


Blinds can also be used in a basement for privacy. Light colored blinds are better than darker options to brighten up the space. If you have blinds, but they are dark and dingy, you can spray the blinds with paint for a lighter, custom look.


Curtains are a fantastic way to provide warmth to your room. If your basement feels cold and damp, it can often be remedied with heavy fabric curtains, such as velvet.

Consider the length of the curtains. Most basements have very small windows, making it tempting to use small curtains; however, using a longer curtain can create the illusion of bigger windows.

When choosing curtains, stick to light and airy colors to make your house look more appealing. A heavy pattern could be overwhelming.


gold valance over a shimmering curtain

Valances or swags add extra appeal to curtains. They are made from the same fabric that you used for the curtain, but they are designed to cover the top of the curtain. It is a purely decorative window covering. Valances are ideal for adding extra height to a short window.


Another great way to create the illusion of large windows is to install fake shutters just below the real window. These doors will remain shut, although the space could be used for storage if desired. If installed properly, these shutters will make it appear as if the window is much bigger than it really is.