6 Wall Mounted Fireplace Design Tips

A wall mounted fireplace is the answer when you want to enjoy the sight and sound of a crackling fire, but you don’t have the necessary floor space. This has become a very popular way of decorating the interior of homes, because the fireplace is at eye level. The most common types are electric fireplaces, but you can install a gas fireplace in this style as well. An electric fireplace mounted on the wall can be a secondary source of heat. A gas fireplace is mainly for a decorative effect, but you can feel a small amount of heat from it.

1. Make the Fireplace the Focal Point of the Room

If you want the wall mounted fireplace to be the focal point of the room, you need to place it on the longest wall. This will give you plenty of room to arrange the furniture so that wherever anyone is seated, he or she can enjoy the sight of the fire. Pillows and throws on the furniture will complement the arrangement by making the scene one that is very cozy and warm.

2. Make the Fireplace Seem Larger Than it is

A wall mounted fireplace is not as large as one that stands on the floor and has a mantel on top. Even in a small room, you can make it seem larger, yet not so large that it is overpowering. To do this, choose the shortest wall for the location of the fireplace. Mount it in the middle of the wall.

3. Hang Pictures on Both Sides

Family photos hung on the wall on both sides of the fireplace or photos of outdoor activities will create a welcoming ambiance for visitors. The photos will also bring attention to the fireplace and the fire.

4. The Fireplace Should Not Conflict with the TV

The television is an important piece of furniture in the main gathering room of the home. If this is also the room you choose for the fireplace, the two should not be placed in conflicting areas. For example, mounting the fireplace on the opposite wall may cause those in the room to miss parts of the program when they want are distracted by the flickering flames and vice versa. You can mount the fireplace on the wall over the TV if you have a floor model or one on a stand. However, it would not be a good idea to mount both of them side by side on the wall.

5. Hang a Painting or Tapestry Above the Fireplace

Since the fireplace is at eye level, you will have space above it where you can hang a painting or a tapestry. In addition to drawing attention to the fireplace, it will also add color, especially if the colors in the hanging match that of the fireplace and the décor of the room. It will also help cover what would otherwise be a blank space on the wall.

6. Add Shelves for Storage

You can add shelves on both sides of the fireplace and use these as storage for books, CD’s or DVD’s. You can also place small ornaments on the shelves for decoration.