6 Walnut Tree Care Tips

When you have a walnut tree in your landscaping you must take some time to regularly care for it. Your walnut tree, when properly cared for, will reward you with years of great shade, beauty and, of course, walnuts.

Transplant in Spring

If you are thinking about placing a walnut tree in your yard, you can do it two ways. The first is through growing from a seed. However, if not done correctly it will not end up in germination. The other is to transplant a walnut tree that is a few years old. This also has some problems with it, but if done in the spring will help the tree get over the stress. The root can not be dried out, so doing the transplant in the spring will keep the roots cooler.

Walnut Trees Need Moisture

Once you have transplanted the tree it will need a lot of water in order to propagate effectively. However, that is not the only time you will need to keep it watered. Throughout the year, especially during the summer months, you must make sure that the walnut tree's roots are kept moist. You will be able to tell if the tree needs water by the leaves curling and beginning to droop.

Deep Soil

The root system of the walnut tree can be very extensive. The roots do not only grow out from the tree, but also down. They have a large tap root that can be as deep as the tree it tall.

Fertilize Often

If your soil is not all that rich in nutrients, the walnut tree will need to have regular fertilizing. Walnut trees, especially when producing fruit, will use up a lot of the nutrients in the soil. They can not handle a soil with a lot of alkaloids so keeping it topped up with fresh nutrients will help to keep it healthy. Spread the fertilizer on the ground and not on the trunk of the tree.

Mulch Helps

For a younger walnut tree, spreading a few inches of mulch will help to keep the soil moist and shielded from any weeds. Do not go over a few inches or it will be too dense and have the adverse effect.

Prune Walnut Trees

In the spring of the year it is very important to spend some time pruning your walnut tree. This pruning will help it get over the dormant period of winter and spend its energy into producing new buds and growth. If you do not get to the walnut tree before spring time, then you should always remove the dead branches.

Pruning in the fall is your next option. This is alright as you will now be able to help the tree go dormant and winter well.