6 Ways to Improve Fuel Economy

Maintaining a vehicle is important, but so are some easy ways to improve fuel economy and get more out of every gallon of gas. Regardless of what your commute looks like, or what kinds of mileage you put on your vehicle every month, there are some pretty solid ways to increase fuel economy and raise MPG to save more at the pump. Take a look at some handy ways to cut down on the use of gasoline, in order to ease your budget while helping out with general energy conservation.

1. Keep Tires Pumped Up

One of the best tips for getting good miles per gallon with any vehicle is to make sure your tires are properly inflated to the right tire pressure. Newer vehicles actually have electronic tools called tire pressure monitors to help out with this critical car or truck maintenance tip. For older vehicles, you’ll have to use a manual tire pressure gauge to periodically check for proper inflation.

2. Travel Light

Getting some of the heaviest goods out of your vehicle will also help you to get better fuel economy. Driving around with heavy items in your car can really waste a lot of gas, so think about stowing bulky contents, and even extra seats, when they are not needed.

3. Use Good Oil and Gas Products

Mechanics can tell you that using better quality engine products can boost the MPG that your engine gets. Quality grades of motor oil can help, as well as using higher quality gasoline. Check what works for your specific engine and vehicle model, and see if investing in better materials will help you to improve fuel economy and extend the life of your engine at the same time.

4. Take It Slow

Taking your foot off of the gas pedal could also save gas. Some commuters who experiment with driving in the optimal fuel economy range, at about 60 miles an hour, can see some savings at the gas pump, where accelerating up to 70, 80 or above can cause a lot of extra fuel burning over the same distance.

5. Avoid Stop and Go Traffic

Heavy traffic or areas with a lot of stop signs and traffic lights can really cut down the MPG of any vehicle, not only because it takes a lot of gas to re-accelerate, but also because vehicles are burning some gas while they are idling. In some cases, finding a more environmentally friendly route like a freeway or highway can actually help save quite a bit of gas.

6. Look at New Engine Technologies

New engines like hybrid engines for vehicles can really cut down on fuel consumption. These engines use batteries to store extra energy for stop and go traffic and can stay on the road almost twice as long as some conventional models without a pit stop.

Think about all of the above tips for optimizing your commute and saving with good fuel economy, regardless of what you are driving.