6 Ways to Maintain Your Fiberglass Boat

A boat in the water.

When a fiberglass boat is properly maintained it will provide the owner with many years of fun, pleasure, and great fishing. One of the great benefits of the fiberglass boat is that they do not need a lot of maintenance. Some of the maintenance needs that will come up sooner or later is the need to repair any cracks, repaint the hull, or give it a good polish. If you own a fiberglass boat, you will benefit greatly by being able to keep it free of problems with proper maintenance. Here is a short guide to help you maintain your fiberglass boat for years of enjoyment.

1. Have a Schedule

Maintaining a fiberglass boat is not a difficult thing to do, but it needs to be done on a consistent basis. Set up a calendar to keep the boat looking clean, having fresh paint, and check out the main parts for signs of wear or failure.

2. Give It a Good Wash

A boat in the water.

One of the best ways to maintain your fiberglass boat is to keep it clean from any dirt, stains, and saltwater buildup. Keeping to a periodic schedule of washing it down will help to not only keep it clean, but also keep you aware of any other maintenance needs. When washing a fiberglass boat you do not want to use heavy abrasives in your cleaning solution. A simple combination of warm water and dish detergent is suitable enough.

3. Wax with Quality Polish

Once the fiberglass boat is washed it needs to be protected with a good quality wax. This wax is important for giving the paint a good shine and also a hard shell. The paint on the fiberglass boat will not fade in the hot sun and it will not discolor due to exposure to the water and salt. Polish carefully when using a powered buffer so you do not dig into the hull itself.

4. Fix Cracks Immediately

A docked boat.

A fiberglass boat can be susceptible to small cracks in the hull if you do a lot of sailing in rough water, or like to beach your boat for land excursions. These small cracks can turn into very large cracks in a small amount of time if they are not addressed. You can accomplish this easily with a fiberglass repair kit. The epoxy in the kit will spread out on the surface of the boat and harden to a smooth finish.

5. Replace Pump Yearly

One of the main problems with a fiberglass boat, or any boat for that matter, is the pump. When the pump does not work right it does not get rid of the water that trickles in. For this reason the pump should be replaced each year, or every other year if you do not use your boat regularly. It is a simple process and done with basic hand tools.

6. Use Personal Safety Equipment

Fiberglass can be dangerous when inhaled. When doing any prep work for painting, cleaning the hull, or repairing any cracks, make use of personal safety equipment like respirators, gloves, goggles, and full body protectant suits. This will ensure that you do not breathe in the particles or expose yourself to the cleaning products and body filler.