6 Ways to Make Your TV Work with Your Space

With Such an Awkward Space, Where Will You Put the TV?
using the remote to operate the television

Arranging your living room is not always an easy task. There are a lot of apartments and houses that have awkward living spaces that just aren't ideal. So, when it comes to placing your TV in a spot that works, you might have to get a little creative.

That's where we come in. These ideas are sure to inspire you to make your small or awkward living space work for more convenient viewing or gaming.

1. TV Stand
living room with TV on stand

The most popular option for displaying your TV is to purchase or build a TV stand. TV stands come in a variety of shapes, colors, and styles to suit any décor, and they are typically the first thing a person will think of when trying to figure out where to put his or her TV.

The nice thing about TV stands is that they also provide you with the space you need to place your DVD players, cable boxes, and video game consoles. They also typically have a lot of storage for things like video games, DVDs, and remote controls, which solves more issues than just where to place the TV.

You don't always have to lay out your furniture in a typical way (with the TV directly centered across from the couch, a love seat on one side, and a chair on the other). Instead, consider placing the TV off-center or even off to the side. In my last apartment, the layout of our living room was awful. We decided to place a couple of chairs across from our couch, and put our TV stand off the side rather than using it as the focal point, and it worked out great.

Image source: Beach Bliss Living

2. Corner Stand
living room with corner TV stand

Yes, this is an extension of the TV stand, but it deserves its own explanation. And, to clarify, this refers to a stand built to conform to the corner of a room, not a standard unit that has been cater-cornered, as this often leaves unused space.

My mom had a very small living room with limited space, so when she went shopping for a TV stand, she chose to buy one that fit in the corner of the room. Not only did having a corner stand free up a lot of space, and but it also made the TV visible from every area of the room.

Don't forget, you can always DIY a corner TV stand for an even more customized unit perfect for your space.

Image source: Houzz

3. Wall Mount
bedroom with mounted tv

When you don't have much available floor space to work with, a traditional TV stand or entertainment unit will just waste what little available space you do have. Since flat-screen TVs have become popular and affordable, a lot of people have started mounting them on their walls. Not only does it look nice, but it also helps free up space, depending on your living room space is laid out. If you decide to mount your TV on your wall instead of placing in on a piece of furniture, you can free up that floor space for other things or keep it free of clutter to make the space look a bit neater and larger.

For example, if you have a large fire place where you would rather have a TV, you can opt to have both by mounting your TV just above the fireplace. Alternatively, you can mount the TV above an entertainment unit or table, which would give a conventional look while leaving surface space for photos and accessories.

There are other situations where you might choose to mount your TV on a wall, too. So, it's great to keep this option in mind when redecorating or buying new electronics.

Image source: Julia Ryan

4. Wall Unit
TV with built around wall shelves

If you have a large wall where you want to put your TV, a stand might seem too small or awkward to fill the space properly. Installing a large wall unit that also doubles as a storage or display cabinet can be a fantastic way to creatively make your TV work with your space.

There are a lot of different entertainment units to choose from today, from the traditional one that is one solid piece with a variety of shelves and drawers, to newer ones that have separate pieces that get mounted or installed on their own around your TV. Having these different options will make it a lot easier to decorate the space around your TV and make it work with your space.

What makes this different from simply mounting the TV to the wall? Well, that's simple. You could mount a TV in a room where it won't be used for gaming or movies, eliminating the need for a place to put those units. A wall unit gives you a place to store consoles, DVDs, remotes, and more without cluttering up the floor (which is great if you have small children or rambunctious pets).

OK, true, this TV is still mounted, but you can clearly see that it doesn't need to be mounted. The wall unit frees up a lot of storage and display space on the floor and walls, and you can mount the TV or use the stand it came with. 

Image source: Life Thru a Linds

5. Fireplace
TV stand with built-in electric fireplace

Although I already mentioned mounting your TV above an already existing fireplaces, and I mentioned TV stands, I felt I should also point out that some TV stands have built in fireplaces, too.

These pieces of furniture are perfect for anyone who wants to create that homey feel that comes with having a a fireplace without having to install and maintain one. These are also great for proudly displaying your your TV, and you can often find different sizes that will work well in a small or awkward space. 

Image source: Houzz

6. Other Options
TV hidden in chest

Finally, it should be said that there are times when you can't mount your TV on the wall, and your space is just too small or awkward to fit a large TV stand or entertainment unit. In these situations, it is totally acceptable to place your TV on any furniture that works, such as on a bookshelf, a narrow hallway table, a dresser, or even an end table.

In one apartment, I placed a small 21-inch TV on a desk in my room. I was still able to use my laptop for work on the desk, but having the TV gave me more freedom to watch my shows when I wanted time away from my roommate.

You do not have to restrict yourself to just the obvious answers, or feel that any idea is too weird or unacceptable. It's your home, and you should be able to arrange it in a way that works for you.

Image source: Decoist