7 Alternative Uses for Sprayed Insulation

Sprayed insulation is a kind of retrofit insulation that is cost effective and one of the best types of insulation that money can buy. You can use this retrofit insulation on a large scale when working with the walls of a house but you can also use cans of it for smaller jobs. Old homes will benefit greatly from a retrofit insulation product such as spray foam insulation.

Spray foam insulation is a polyurethane product that, when expelled from the canister, expands to fill an area. Even though spray foam insulation is perfect for new homes it can be used as a retrofit insulation for other things around the home. The article that follows will share with you the many other uses of spray foam insulation.

Shoring up a Wobbling Doorknob

A doorknob can become loose over time or it may have never fit correctly from the beginning. You can spray the expanding foam into the screw holes. This will create a backing that is solid in which you can anchor the doorknob to.

Noisy Toilet Lines

Not all of the lines that lead to and from the toilet are properly anchored. When this happens the lines will rattle against floor joists, pipes and porcelain as water flows through them. You can cure this by spraying expanding foam insulation around the pipes where the lines contact the floor joists.

Shipping Packages

If you wish to ship something that is breakable you will notice how expensive these foam products are. You can circumvent that purchase by purchasing spray foam insulation and plastic bags. Spray the foam inside the bags and seal them. Press the object into the bags and you will create a mold that fits its form perfectly and will protect it in shipping.

Water Treatments

Backyard waterfalls are very popular but the rocks used to create them will sometimes come loose when subjected to constant water. If you spray the foam insulation onto the rocks as you stack them you will create a texture pocket of foam that the rock will sit in.

Vermin Infestation

Squirrels, raccoons and rats want a place to stay and your home seems to be a perfect spot for it. Many of these critters will find an access points in the attic or the basement. Look for holes and check out the roof eaves. Cover these open spots with chicken wire and then spray on the foam insulation.

Handy Bee Killer

One of the main problems people have with bees is that once you hit them with the pesticide they can begin to swarm and still sting you. Arm yourself with the pesticide and the can of spray foam insulation. As you assault the bee hive with the pesticide quickly spray it with the foam insulation. It will expand quickly and seal off the hive.

Rocking Washing Machine and Dryer

One of the more annoying instances a homeowner can suffer through is a washer or dryer that knocks and bangs. As the machines do their job they wriggle around harshly and the feet can become out of adjust. Spray foam insulation under the wobbling section.