7 Antique Style Home Improvement Ideas

Antique bed in a room
  • 1-100 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-100,000

Whether you are seeking to change the décor completely or to add a design accent to your home, your starting point should be with some home improvement ideas. By making an initial plan of the design, you will make it easier to implement.

1. Doors

Exchange flat doors for wooden panel doors which are more in keeping with an antique style. Home improvement ideas that include this sort of change will give you versatility not only in respect of the style of door, but also the manner in which it is decorated. Avoid the use of gloss paint. Instead, highlight the natural grain of the wood by staining it. Consider farm-style half doors to add a different antique look. For external doors, use wrought iron decorations such as hinges and door numbers.

2. Molding

ornate crown molding

Adding crown molding to your home as part of home improvement is an ideal way to create an antique style though it is easy to go overboard. Limit yourself to attaching it to certain areas such as around light fixtures and along the corner joint between ceilings and walls.

3. Strip Floors

Home improvement ideas can be implemented when it comes to flooring by avoiding the use of carpet. Instead, strip the floorboards and whitewash or, alternatively, stain them to amend the color before varnishing to add protection and sheen. Area rugs that comprise an antique style can be positioned to add an accent.

4. Windows

Though home improvement ideas that involve the windows of your home can become a major and costly undertaking, this does not mean they have to be ignored. Consider adding stained glass panels to small windows or to misted glass in order to obtain a more antique look. A traditional old-style look is often easier to obtain with dark wood so consider staining or painting the window trim to amend the appearance.

5. Furniture

antique cabinet with floral decor

Antique home design ideas can be easy to implement with the right type of furniture. Make wooden furniture your first choice and add accents with traditional style upholstery. An antique style can be highlighted with the use of particular types of furniture such as rocking chairs and foot stools. Add a rustic touch with basic benches and side tables that show the grain of the wood. Consider a roll-top desk before any other more modern type and a matching stool instead of an adjustable chair that runs on wheels.

6. Wainscoting

Adding paneling to the walls is a great way to add an antique touch as this feature is more traditional in older homes. Alternatively, fit skirting that is larger than average.

7. Accessories

Avoid the use of modern accessories such as blinds and opt to fit lined drapes instead. Furthermore, install a wooden curtain rail rather than a metal one to maintain an antique feel. Metallic surfaces and other shiny coatings tend to add a modern look so do not make use of accessories that fail to follow the theme. Many accessories can be found in styles to suit different themes so it is worth making careful choices in respect of items such as bookcases and picture frames.