7 Basic DIY Mosaic Projects

There are many different types of mosaic projects that you can easily do yourself. Everything from picture frames to a birdhouse to candleholders. Mosaic creations offer a unique one of a kind artistic style to whatever project you want to do. This article will outline a few of the basic do-it-yourself mosaic projects you can start off with.

Glass Mosaic Spheres

For these spheres you will need to start off with whatever glass items you want to use in your mosaic. Take those items, wrap them in a towel, and place them on a hard flat surface. Then hit the towel with a hammer to break the glass into tiny pieces of whatever size you desire. Take a Styrofoam ball (whatever size you prefer) and simply glue the glass pieces onto the ball in the pattern that you want. The last thing to do is cover with grout and wipe off the access grout from the glass pieces afterwards.

Mosaic Candle Holder

This project requires that you buy precut mosaic square tiles to use. You can then glue these pieces onto a glass candle holder or vase. It works best to glue one side at a time and afterwards apply the grout and then wipe the excess away with a damp sponge. Placing a candle in afterwards will give off a glowing assortment of colors from the mosaic glass.

Snowflake Ornament

For this project you can apply glass mosaic pieces to any ornament to add color and variety to your decorations.

Mosaic Address Plaque

To brighten up the outside of your home you can create a mosaic address plaque of your home address number. With some mosaic pieces and a plaque you can graph the numbers onto the plaque, fill in the numbers with mosaic pieces, fill in the background area, and apply the grout to finish.

Abstract Mosaic Mirror

With an old mirror, mosaic tiles, and a flat board you can design your own abstract mosaic mirror. Break or cut the mirror into whatever size pieces you want and arrange them onto the flat board with glue. Then fill in the empty spaces with your mosaic tiles and finally apply the grout to finish.

Mosaic Table Top

Any old table or nightstand you have that you want to brighten up can be turned into a mosaic masterpiece. Paint the top of the table and apply the mosaic pieces however you like. After applying the grout and allowing time to dry you have a brand new table to enjoy.

Mosaic Tray

You can easily turn any tray into a mosaic design. The best option would be a rectangle or square tray, as opposed to a circular tray. Follow the same steps to apply the mosaic pieces and finish with the grout.

Mosaic Frames

Another popular use of mosaic art is to cover frames of artwork or mirrors. Always remember to cover the art or mirror with plastic or tape before you begin applying mosaic pieces to the frame.