7 Bathroom Countertop Storage Options

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If you find yourself accidentally knocking something over every time you use your sink, your bathroom countertop has become crowded. Considering suitable storage options will enable you to solve this problem.

Wall Shelf

Fitting a glass wall shelf is an easy and stylish way to create bathroom countertop storage. It is a versatile option, as there are many styles from which to choose. If you require a large amount of storage, you can fit a single shelf the length of a wall and a second shelf directly above or below it. If you have limited space, can add a corner shelf.

Portable Trays

A set of stackable trays is an ideal item to place atop your bathroom countertop. A clear stackable shelf will allow you to determine what item is in what tray at a glance. The storage trays can be moved around as necessary and added to when further storage is required.

Corner Tower

The bathroom countertop can be made less cluttered by confining the items to a limited area. That can be achieved with a corner tower. Positioning a tower in the corner of the countertop will provide versatility in terms of materials and size. Use a corner tower which can be adjusted so that the height can be increased when required. Doing so will allow you to maximize the amount of storage space.

Compartmentalized Tray

A single tray that comprises several separate compartments will ensure that everything has its place so that the bathroom countertop does not become cluttered. The wide selection of these trays means that you will be able to find a unit to suit your specific needs.

Hanging Nets or Baskets

Don’t underestimate the power of the suction cup! Whether it is used for a simple hook or as part of a net or basket, suctions cups are beneficial in the bathroom. The cups can be attached to tiles or mirror glass to hold the container.


Cosmetic bottles and jars tare often larger than necessary and reduce the amount of space available. Empty storage containers are often available in sets which conveniently fit together so that they take up less room. This method will also allow you to use of decorative glass.

Bathroom Cabinet

Bathroom cabinets come in many different sizes. Finding a suitable unit for your countertop should not be a problem. Even if you find that you are unable to find a cabinet that matches the décor, you can purchase a mirrored cabinet which will not only match the decoration, but will also provide the convenience of additional mirrors.