7 Beginner Projects

A saw with a mask and safety glasses.

With so many different kinds of DIY projects out there, discovering a good starting point can be a difficult process. This is especially arduous if you don’t have experience working with basic tools. Fortunately, there are many beginning DIY projects that can help ease you into the world of DIY. Not only will these projects teach you valuable skill sets, but they will result in an exciting creation of your own. With that in mind, here is a list of beginning projects great for any aspiring DIYer.

1. Tea Light Holder

Making a tea light holder out of wood is a great way to introduce some of the basics of woodworking. Not only will you learn the valuable skills of measuring and cutting, but this project can be completed using a limited number of tools. Moreover, there are plenty of options when it comes to the color of stain and paint, offering you a chance to experiment with the creative process.

2. Wood Shelves

A rustic shelf against a wood background.

The great part about working with wood is the availability of the medium. After all, this is why so many DIY projects involve wood in some fashion or another. While you can certainly purchase new wood for this project, pieces of scrap wood can also be used to create wood shelves. Furthermore, installing shelves of any kind is a great skill to learn and will certainly be applicable to future projects.

3. Metal Shoe Hangers

Upcycling old coat hangers into shoe hangers will teach you two new skills. For starters, you will learn the basics of working with metal, including cutting and bending. Secondly, you will learn the ins and outs of painting metal to create a unified look. Both of these skills are invaluable in future projects and are a great way to take the fear out of working with and manipulating metal.

4. Sharpie Mug

A pair of mugs drawn on with Sharpie markers.

If you're looking for a crafty project that is super easy and fun, look no further than the Sharpie mug project. Simply take a mug of your choice and jazz it up with your favorite sayings or drawings. Baking the mug in the oven will ensure the patterns are permanent. While this project does not involve any tools, it will introduce you to the world of transferring print to different mediums.

5. Wood Arrow Décor

If you want to further hone your woodworking skills, then consider creating some wood arrow art. This project incorporates angled cuts, which is a great skill if you plan on taking your woodworking to the next level. After mastering the art of angled cuts, you can make all kinds of projects, including picture frames and wooden doormats. Furthermore, this project incorporates the use of a miter saw, which is an invaluable tool for most DIY projects.

6. Vintage Wood Signs

A vintage sign with the words "home" hanging on a red fence.

One great part about DIY projects is the ability to make your own home décor. By transferring images to wood and other mediums, your options are virtually unlimited in terms of wall art. The process of transferring images to wood is fairly simple and can be used in other projects to create more individualized flair. This includes weathering the wood to create a vintage look and layering paint to bring out different colors.

7. Painted Candle Jars

A pair of mason jars with scissors and a ball of twine.

Working with paint is a crucial skill any DIYer should learn. In order to get more accustomed to the wonders of painting on different mediums, consider making a yarn-wrapped jar. By wrapping yarn around a simple mason jar and painting over it, you can create interesting effects once the paint is dried and yarn removed.