7 Benefits of Window Valances

There are many options and benefits available for window valances. Valances come in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as colors and styles. You can get an elegant look, basic look, or even a contemporary look with the use of window valances. They can create a very stylish look and can even be used on top of and with your existing curtains. Below you will see benefits for using window valances in your home.

Energy-Saving Benefit

One of the most popular benefits of a valance is the energy-saving benefit. A valence keeps the sun out and keeps a room cool. On the other hand, you might choose to let some sun if a room is too cold and the sun is out. Letting the sun in or out in the rooms you choose is a very nice convenience to have in each room of your house.

Noise Control

Another benefit of window valances is noise control. Heavier fabric valances help eliminate noise. The thicker material you have the better noise control it will contain.


Most people like a certain amount of privacy. The darker colors offer more privacy. Also, if you have to go out of town for a few days, keeping your valances pulled shut so that no one knows if you are home or not could also prevent a burglary. Privacy is another popular reason people choose to hang window valances.

Beauty and Design

A valance can add beauty and design to any room. They can create a very basic look to a very extravagant look or turn a basic room into a very elegant room. The design of a room can be influenced greatly with a valance. A valance can create a unique look and style to any room and are very affordable. You can create your own valance for a custom look to match any style or décor.


There are many styles, shapes and colors of valances to choose from. They can come very short and only cover the top of the window or they can flow to the ground. You can also tie them back to make them look very elegant. These types of valances normally hang close to the ground and are tied back to make them look classy. You can get some amazing types of tie backs that will dress any window up. If you have a very custom décor, like a kids’ bedroom that has a specific character or theme, then you can buy matching fabric and make your own valance. Then you can design it how you like it and it will be match perfect to the décor that you have.


Window valances are also very affordable compared to other window treatments. Most valances are less expensive than curtains and if you are able to make your own you can really save a lot of money.

Easy to Clean

These valances are also very easy to keep clean and there are many ways to keep them clean. Most of them can be washed in your washing machine and if you have some that you can not wash you can easily dust them off or clean them with a damp cloth.