7 Best Home Improvement Investments

Modern kitchen
  • 2-200 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 500-25,000

If you want your home to have “curb appeal” and get a great return on the improvements you make, take note of best home improvement investments—these will make it easier to sell your home whenever you decide it is time to move out. Here are some home improvement ideas that are budget-friendly but will surely give you back a huge return and value for your money.

1. Kitchen Remodel

Updating your kitchen’s look may come in various ways. You can choose to remodel the whole kitchen or fix one aspect of it; e.g. lighting, tiles, or cabinets. If a prospective buyer likes your kitchen, there's a huge possibility that the buyer will also look more favorably on the entire house. Almost all real estate agents agree the status of your kitchen is a significant factor when selling your house.

One good example is getting a new kitchen countertop. For around $300, you can buy new kitchen countertops. countertop laminates now come in a wide variety of colors and are stain resistant. You can easily install it yourself; the trickiest part is cutting the hole for the sink. Tile and granite counter tops will give your kitchen an elegant look that will not depreciate for years to come.

2. Tile Floors

laying floor tile

Changing your tile floors is another investment that will boost your home’s value. Houses with beautiful and durable tile floors will give would-be buyers the impression of quality. To get the best value from your new tiles, make sure they are installed correctly—e.g. the tiles have been laid evenly and securely.

3. Replacement Windows

Installing new windows will also increase your home's resale value. About half of central heating is lost through doors and windows so buyers typically gravitate towards houses with quality windows. Look for energy efficient windows to keep your house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. This can create big savings on utility bills. If you have the extra budget, you can go for custom windows, tubular skylights or UV protection glazing application.

4. Bathroom Remodel or Addition


Another dollar-worthy investment is remodeling or adding new furnishings to your bathroom. A new set of light fixtures, a faucet or a shower will help you sell your house faster. Updating your current bathroom’s look will also improve your daily routine so it’s a win-win situation on your part. Examples of bathroom remodeling ideas are artistic sink fixtures, jetted tub, skylight or new cabinetry and storage. Water saving showerheads and toilets now come in a wide variety of styles.

5. Basement Remodel

One great way to expand your living space is to remodel your basement. It is also cost-effective and will give you that much needed extra space. You can convert it to a guest room; children’s play room or home office. You can do soundproofing or add new windows for additional lighting. The use of eco-friendly products can be a cost effective way to create a multi-purpose basement; e.g. natural rubber flooring is great for an at home gym since it is easy on the joints and insulates your basement floor.

6. Roofing

roofline of a home

Choose from a wide variety of color palette that will complement your house’s exterior. Roofing materials come in different types—metal, wood, slate or tile. You are doing your house a big favor if you do slate roofing. It will last for more than 50 years. Be sure to choose a color that is suited to your particular climate—e.g. houses in the more sunny climates should have lighter color roofs that absorb less heat from the sun.

7. Siding

Siding improvement is often overlooked. Aside from vinyl, you can choose metal, stucco, wood, brick, or stone siding. Excellent siding ideas are natural brick, faux brick and natural stone. There are many new siding products that are “high tech”—they insulate, are fire resistant, do not require painting and are insect and weather resistant.