7 Best Places to Use Solar String Lights

Solar string lights can be used to accentuate a home's exterior as well as a garden. These lights can be bright and colorful, or they can be simple. Either way, they will provide excellent illumination and will add a sense of good cheer to a home or garden. Solar string lights are ideally suited for decorating the outdoors, especially when holding a party. They can also be used during Christmas or to brighten up a normal evening. Let’s take a look at the best places where these lights can be used.

Patio Lighting

Using solar string lights to illuminate a patio is a great option. Since solar string lights do not need to work on electricity, there is nothing to worry about in terms of hiding wires, and in addition, this very feature ensures greater flexibility in where the lights can be placed. Solar string lights can help to not only brighten up the patio, but they will also beautify the space and at a low cost as well.

Driveway Lighting

Installing solar string lights in a driveway is another worthwhile option. Besides providing attractive lighting, these lights are also earth-friendly, inexpensive and easy to install. There is no need to dig up the ground to run the power cables, nor is there any need to use extension cords to help illuminate the farthest reaches of the driveway.

Christmas Tree Lighting

Solar string lights are also ideally suited for use on a Christmas tree, which can be made to look bright and festive. There are a variety of colors to choose from including green, blue, white, and red, as well as amber. It is also possible to purchase multi-colored solar string lights.

Spot Lights

These lights can be used as spot lights to illuminate trees and ponds and any other kind of garden accent.

Planting Beds

These lights are also perfectly suited for illuminating planting beds as well as for illuminating and brightening up seasonal accents.

Lighting up Wreaths

When used in a wreath, solar string lights can make the garland look very pretty. When lit up, these lights will flash and make the wreath glow with color and bright lights.

Garden Lighting

Using a string of about twenty-one feet will certainly help to illuminate a garden and show it off to best effect. Such lights do not require much maintenance, are eco-friendly, and are great energy savers. Be sure to check out the Aurora Glow glass variety that are beautifully luminescent and which will help to create a stunningly beautiful garden. It also makes perfect sense to nestle these bright and attractive lights among the green of an arbor or use them in an archway, as well as even on a tree, or you can even wrap the lights around a deck railing.

It pays to pick solar string lights that are of an artisan nature, which ensures that each piece of glass will be different in size and color. This makes for more unique and individualized lighting options.