7 Best Uses for Lattice Panels

Lattice panels can be used for many outdoor projects. The design of the lattice allows a sense of privacy while still allowing natural light in. There are many unique and fun way to use lattice panels.

Deck Skirting

One of the most popular uses for these panels is deck or trailer skirting. This will allow a homeowner to cover the unsightly area under a deck while still allowing moisture to escape. It can also create a storage area under the deck when a small gate is installed in the skirting.

Patio Enclosures

For those who want to create a more private patio setting, lattice panels can be an inexpensive and creative way to achieve this. The lattice can be used a single wall, or used to enclose all sides of a patio. The design will still allow people to get a great outdoor feel without sharing their activities with the entire neighborhood.

Climbing Flower Wall

Vines can be invasive. Many people still want to incorporate vines or climbing plants without running the risk of the house being overtaken. Lattice panels incorporated in to a garden are a great way to have the climbing plants and keep them off the house walls. The lattice also makes it easy to trim the vines back when necessary. This is also popular to use as flowerbed edging for the same reason.

Pool Enclosures

Since lattice does provide a level of privacy, it's common to see the panels used in pool or spa enclosures. Many pool and spa retailers will use lattice panels in their showrooms because it is so popular for this purpose.

Window Screens

Lattice panels are easy to install and pull down. Because of this, it's not uncommon to see them used on sun room windows as a form of screening. Many people will choose to put these up in their sun room windows during the winter. While many people enjoy the landscaping year round, others would prefer to use their sun rooms during warm weather, and the lattice can give the room a more closed in feel during the off months.

Gazebos and Arbors

Lattice can add to the look of any structure, but is especially popular in small outdoor structures. A gazebo will benefit from lattice panels by allowing a view of the land while creating a screened in feel. Arbors can stay light and airy by using lattice panels for the roof portion.

Pet Enclosures

Lattice is available in a variety of materials. More recently, heavy duty vinyl lattice has become available. This is becoming a popular choice for dog runs. It is sturdy enough to withstand the abuse a pet can inflict, and is easy to clean. It also won't create an eyesore that a standard wood and concrete dog run or a metal fence material will. The vinyl lattice panels can be found in a variety of sizes and colors, so installation and upkeep remain easy.