7 Best Uses for Plastic Cement

Plastic cement is used on wood.

Plastic cement or poly cement is one of the most useful adhesives available on the market. It is used to secure various materials together, be it wood, plastic, ceramic, or metal. The cement merges the surfaces together to give a common and lasting bond. It is a handy aid to have in the home due to its various applications. Some of the best uses for plastic cement are given below.

1. Sealant

The cement can be used to seal cracks, gaps, and joints in various places in the home. It has a high resistance to moisture and heat. You can use it on dry as well as wet surfaces. This makes it ideal for use even on exterior surfaces. However, you must first clean surfaces of dirt, grease, and rust before application. If you need to seal certain areas on the roof, vents, flashings, skylights, and eaves, poly cement will come in handy.

2. Bonding PVC Pipes

Where plastic pipes have to be assembled together, poly cement comes in handy. This makes it useful in plumbing and other jobs that use PVC pipes. The cement is highly effective due to the plastic properties of the piping material.

3. Exterior Finishes

Poly cement can be mixed with sand to produce plasters and stuccos. These can be used to create extremely strong and durable exterior surfaces. The material is useful for repairs on the walls, floors, and exterior surfaces in the home. It is also useful when you have to repair cracks.

4. Woodworking Projects

With all the wood available in our homes, repairs will always arise. If furniture parts become loose or detached, plastic cement can be used as a quick fix. It is also useful when you have to fill holes that occur in wood. The sealing effect of the glue helps to prevent rot and adds to the longevity of wooden items.

5. Model Kits

Plastic cement is an indispensable aid in the assembly of model kits. It provides a secure and long-lasting bond for various model items such as airplanes, cars, boats, toys, and figurines.

6. Laminate

It is easy to attach plastic laminates and wood veneers in the house with plastic cement. The cement sets upon application and cures in just a few minutes. It provides a quick and effective bond for the attached materials. The cement can be used to bond plastic laminates to countertops. You can also use it to attach wood veneers to cabinet doors to get your desired finish.

7. Bond Non-Porous Items

Plastic cement comes in handy for items that need a quick fix in the home. It can be used for light repairs of non-porous items such as plastic, glassware, ceramics, wood, rubber, and metal. Should an item crack or chip, rather than replace it with a new one, the cement can help you salvage the item. This spares you the expenses of a new purchase.