7 Brick Planter Design Ideas

A brick planter is a great way to add an attractive and sturdy foundation for plants and flowers in your yard. Although you can build and design brick flower planters using standard red building bricks, landscaping bricks - which are available in different colors and are usually larger than standard bricks - make for much more attractive planters. There are several ways to design and implement brick planters; so, here are a few ideas for brick planter designs

1. Freestanding or Island Brick Planters

You can create freestanding brick planters in any area of your yard or landscape, and they will help create an attractive stage for your plants and flowers and also serve as an eye catching focal point. You can use freestanding or island brick planters to create borders for various types of plants to protect them from foot traffic or simply bring attention to their existence. Alternatively, you can create relatively high freestanding brick planters to act as attention grabbing stage for shorter plants and flowers that you want people to notice.

2. Build a Brick Planter Around a Tree

You can also create circular brick planters around shade trees to add color and contrast to your lawn and the tree. To create a circular brick planter around the tree, simply dig a trench and lay the landscape bricks in a circular pattern around the tree. You can then colorful perennials or other flowers to create mini flower gardens for varieties that grow well in shaded areas.

3. Create a Border for Your Home

You can also install brick planters alongside the exterior walls of your home to add character and texture to flowerbeds in those areas. Brick planters alongside the walls of your home will create neater and more attractive flower gardens and also offer protection in helping to avoid soil erosion from your flower gardens and foot traffic in the flower garden areas.

4. Use Brick Planters in Fountains of Small Ponds

You can create high freestanding brick planters for use inside a small pond or fountain pool. Using landscape bricks, you can easily create a base of bricks that supports a brick planter box to display prized flowers and plants in a setting that is surrounded by water from your fountain or a small pond.

5. Create Brick Planter Walk Paths

You can also use landscape bricks to create planters that serve as a border for walk paths in your yard. You can use them to line a sidewalk that leads from your driveway to your front door or simply create walk paths that are bordered with beautiful flowers and plants. You can also create these types of brick planters alongside your driveway to create a colorful entrance to your property and landscape.

6. Incorporate Brick Planters into Waterfalls

You can also design brick planters for use as part of a rock or stone waterfall. Simply design the waterfall to flow around the brick planters instead of over them. Then use bright annuals and perennials to provide a striking color contrast to your rock or stone waterfall.